Vest: Barkins
Stockings: Columbine
Brooch: CatRabbit
I bought these polkadot panti-hose a few weeks ago, ostensibly to wear under my short-shorts, but they looked dreadful, so this is their first outing.
They’re great fun, and I was delighted they fit because patterned stockings that encompass my generous proportions are a bit few and far between, and this is the first dotty pair I’ve managed to find.
It’s actually the brooch that caught people’s attention today though – I couldn’t get a proper photo of it, but here’s the image off CatRabbit’s website:
It’s adorable, huh?

9 thoughts on “Spotted!

  1. Oh I have wanted spotty tights for such a long time but have only found them with tiny spots. They are too cute.

  2. I agree with you on finding patterned 'plus sized' tights – a real nightmare.

    But then plus size tights are a nightmare too – when you can find them (thank you David Jones) they tend to be sized for elephants – literally. They are so huge!! that you spend your day pulling them back in to place.

    Maz, Melbourne

  3. What columbine ones are they please, is it the "pretty plus" range? oh and what is the style called too please?

    Sorry! demanding arent I!

    P.S love your blog(-:

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