Hello Stranger

Jacket: Sussan
Jeans: Sussan
Boots: Duo Boots
Hello, old friend – I kind of forgot I owned you, but then I was going through the top shelf of my closet, and there you were, ready to be rediscovered! Sorry I’ve been so neglectful, you’re an awesome jacket, really. I think I got a bit insecure about trapeze jackets after reading one of those fashion do’s and don’ts lists for Ladies With Larger Busts, but really I should have known better. The only “fashion don’t” I believe in is “Don’t listen to fashion do’s and don’ts”. Seriously.

22 thoughts on “Hello Stranger

  1. What a delicious jacket! I totally agree about do's & don't's. We've got a fashion "expert" presiding over uk tv at the minute called Gok Wan who's all about do's & dont's. Ive just bought his book with the intention of doing a week of blog posts of all the things he suggests I don't for my body shape.

    Love the black jeans as well.

  2. I can kinda see the general point of fashion dos and don'ts but they are so generic, they are never going to take in the variations in body shape or even in the way similar garments are cut. That jacket looks fantastic on you 🙂

  3. I love it when you forget you own something then you find it again and remeber just how awesome it was:)

  4. I've been skulking about for ages now, but a fashion question has finally flushed me out of hiding. My sock collection is looking very sorry indeed. Any suggestions for good quality thinnish black socks with low-key motifs? (self patterns, one cute teeny red rose on each, etc.)

    Love your blog, btw (and today's jacket is an excellent colour on you!). I love seeing someone else who sees clothing as wearable art, especially when she has such poise and panache. And a fellow Melburnian, too! It's quite a novelty to see familiar shops coming up on a fashion blog…

  5. The only "fashion don't" I believe in is "Don't listen to fashion do's and don'ts". Seriously.
    I love that quote!
    I think that jacket is gorgeuous and your outfit today made my heart skip a beat! Loved it!!!
    You know you are a great hit in Brazil? A lot of girls here love your blog, I just saw another one in the comments. All the best! 🙂

  6. Just seeing the top of the jacket before scrolling down to see the whole picture, I thought "oh, that's one of those things some women aren't supposed to wear." Then I saw the whole thing and the jacket is totally cute! I can hear Stacy and Clinton saying why such and such doesn't work on whatever body but it works! I'm glad you didn't listen to the dos and don'ts. I think we should toss those out and rephrase Andrew Zimmern's mantra–if it looks good, wear it!

  7. That jacket looks totally fabulous. I have been lurking for quite some time now and love your blog.

    After seeing how great you look in the jacket, I think I need to re-think all the fashion dos and don'ts too.

  8. It looks great on you, I'm lacking in the bust department and that style makes me look like a man. So go for it I say.

  9. Wonderful jacket – don't you love it when you rediscover something awesome that you'd completely forgotten about! 🙂
    And the jeans are great too – I truly wish I could fit into Sussan's jeans and pants, as they do have some lovely styles.

  10. That colour looks fantastic on you.
    And it's always a treat to rediscover something you already own!

  11. You look so gorgeous. Always gorgeous.

    I have big boobs and I love the trapeze.
    I agree with lists. If I feel good in it, then I'm wearing it.

  12. I especially like to ignore the fashion don't regarding pale stockings, especially if you've got larger than average calves. Maybe I like to look like a chubby toddler, thanks!

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