Lilli’s Lust List: Spring Is In The Air

I’ve got a serious hankering for spring, and everywhere I look there’s lots of spring pretties to look forward too…

necklace: Zuzu’s World

Dress: Nenee

Dress: Ananya

Dress: Lucie Lu

Sweater Guard (I’m so into these right now – very Emma Pilsbury): Jackie D’s Retro Boutique

Dress: City Chic

Bodysuit: Dream Diva

Top: Pin Up Girl

Dress: Pin Up Girl

and lastly, from my favourite oh-why-won’t-you-ship-to-Australia online shop:

dress: eShakti

26 thoughts on “Lilli’s Lust List: Spring Is In The Air

  1. RE: Eshakti

    When I emailed them last year they would ship to Aus (with some caveats of course) so unless they’ve changed their policy recently I’d drop their CSR’s a line.

  2. My parents recently moved to Canada and I’ve been thinking of getting some eshakti stuff shipped there then getting them to post to me. I could add links to the chain if peoples would like to do a group purchase? I’ve never done a group buy before but would anyone be interested?

    1. Don’t forget customs. Anything over $200 will draw their attention & can make group orders quite expensive.

  3. If a website will only ship within the US you could have a look at You get a US mail address and then they ship it onto you. Might be worth looking into

  4. That teal dress is just fantastic! I am having a little sobbing fit over here over it only being in stock in S and XS though. Fortunately that gorgeous Anaya polka-dot frock may be just the thing to distract me! You always post the best custom dresses from etsy btw! I am still drooling over this one from audreyandgrace.

    1. Lol, me too! I’m on the “wait list”, but I’m not holding my breath! The polkadot dress is pretty cute – they’ve got a lot of really wearable little pieces at Anaya. That stripy dress is still to die for though. One day… One day…

  5. Please, please, please don’t get rid of RSS for blog readers. I’ll stop reading if you do that. I just think it’s rude to your readers.

  6. Ive just bought a sweater guard from Etsy! I was told by someone that they are rearer then hen’s teeth! Which is a bit if a fib if you look at Etsy’s range.

    1. I’ve only ever found one in an antique shop here in Australia & it was pretty, er, ugly. Etsy has MASSES though, I agree! I’ve got at least four or five on my etsy wish list!

  7. Hi there,

    I recently asked EShakti about shipping to Australia and here’s what they said:

    “Thank you for your enquiry

    we do accept international orders on the following conditions : –

    1) shipping charges will be as per the actual to your account
    2) Payment will be made in USD and by Credit Card only
    3) customs duty (if any) will be borne by the customer
    4) customer support will only be via email
    5) No sales returns will be entertained

    Based on your response to the above points, we will be able to take this forward.

    Feel free to contact us in case of any clarifications / assistance.

    Look forward to have you shop with us soon.

    Best regards

    Your Representative”

    I’m thinking about it, but as I understand clothing from there is a bit hit or miss so the ‘no returns’ thing bothers me.

  8. Pin Up Girl have some lovely, lovely items for curvy girls, and their sizes are really generous. I bought several items at the beginning of this year and ended up having to send it all back because they were all far too large. But their postage prices! They make me weep!

  9. Lilli! The day my friend directed me to your blog changed my life! Now I’m well dressed because of my curves not in spite of them! You are a wonder darling! I thank you. Also I’ll be getting that wren dress I think!

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