Tiers Before Bedtime

I spent this weekend away in the ‘berra visiting friends and family so I don’t have a wardrobe blog for you today, but I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten you, so instead here’s a post on some of my favourite things…

Being a self-confessed girly-girl I must admit to a strange addiction for frills, ruffles and tiers. And this year – for the first time in a loooooong time, we’re actually seeing them back in vogue. But it seems to be slim picking for those of us on this side of a size 14. I’ve scoured the ‘net and tracked down some of my favourites for you, but drop me a line if you’ve discovered something really delicious that you want to share…

Monsoon www.monsoon.co.uk really excels in the ruffles-and-tiers stakes, which makes it doubly upsetting that they won’t ship internationally. But since I don’t need any new dresses anyway, it’s a valuable exercise in self-control:

Monsoon Rita Frill Dress

Monsoon Lalita Dress

Monsoon Angel Tiered Skirt

Yeah, I know you’ve already seen this Alight www.alight.com dress, but I’m counting on one of you buying it, so I can live vicariously through you. It’s available in different colours as well. Go on, it’ll make you happy…

Alight Triple Tier Dress

This dress is from the designer Abby Z www.abbyz.homestead.com It doesn’t seem to be listing on her website anymore (look for it on Alight www.alight.com) which is a shame, because it has a lovely 1920’s feel, and that shrug’s a great accessory for girls with shy-shoulder-syndrome.

Abby Z Tier Dress

Torrid www.torrid.com has a couple of cute casual tiered dresses on offer:

Torrid Chiffon Tier Dress

Torrid Triple Tier Dress

And good old neverfail Nordies www.nordstrom.com has a few more dressy options:

Tadashi Strapless Silk Dress

Adriana Papell Pleated Tier Dress
Maggy London Tiered Mesh Dress

And of course, as the piece de resistance, the Tadashi dress that I fully intend to get married in, should the day ever happen (and assuming I don’t see anything I like better in the meantime)

Tadashi Long Tier Dress

2 thoughts on “Tiers Before Bedtime

  1. Isn’t it just, erin? Damn Monsoon for not shipping to Australia! I’m keeping my eBay eyes open, though. I saw it on there once, but got sniped at the last moment (sob!)

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