Dress: Neeso – Bought from eBay www.ebay.com.au
Boots: Reiker Anti-Stress from Shoebuy www.shoebuy.com
So a few months ago I saw this curvy chick strutting her stuff in a fitted denim dress, and I thought “hmmnnn…. I don’t have one of those.”
You’ll know the exact moment I thought that, because it was the same exact moment that denim dresses vanished, without a trace, from all stores in Australia and on-line.
Of course, having been thwarted, it became imperative that I own a denim dress. My wardrobe was incomplete without a denim dress, therefore my life was incomplete without a denim dress.
I hunted fruitlessly. First, in the stores that did curvier sizes. Then in stores that didn’t. Not a whisper. Eventually I turned to eBay.
The weeks passed without The Right One showing up, then finally, on the US eBay I spotted a promising candidate.
It ticked the right boxes: It was short sleeved, it had stretch, it had a waistband and a fly rather than buttoning all the way down. And, joy, it looked to be my size. I placed my bid and sat back to wait.
Well, it’s been a while, but it finally arrived today, and after some emergency dress surgery (thank God for my Nana, who insisted I learn how to operate a sewing machine, even if I’ve forgotten everything but how to sew a seam) it’s about ready to wear.
I had to unpick some weird Frankenstein-esque orange stitching from down the sides, and the waistband was closer to a kneesband, so I had to shorten the torso by a couple of inches (which in turn shortened the hem to a daunting length) but all in all I’m pretty happy.

9 thoughts on “Lemming

  1. Once again Lilli you look soo great.. Can we hire you out when your in Sydney next? I would never know what alterations to do to what to make it look perfect!!! And you always buy such nice things…

  2. Gah! That same thing happened a few years ago when I thought to myself, “You know, I’d really like a yellow singlet top.” Then what happened? NO YELLOW ANYWHERE. How can a whole colour disappear? It took FOUR MONTHS to find one!

  3. Thanks jasper von ginger! Any excuse to wear the boots for as long as I can before it gets too hot!

    Jewels5, I would be absolutely delighted to be shephered around Sydney next time I’m in the area – I haven’t been shopping there for YEARS, and I’d be stumped as to where to start (though I’d have to schedule at least a day for the Paggington Markets. Melbourne shopping is great, but I’m yet to find a good qaulity craft market)

    Thanks, Jodes – bring on the warmer weather, and I may even venture out of door in it!

    new-perestroika. Thank God it’s not just me that happens to!!

    Aw, thanks Christine! There’s a sort of similar one at City Chic (www.citychic.com.au) at the moment, though it’s very very very short.

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