Tied Up

Scarf: Katies www.katies.com.au
T-Shirt: Giordano www.giordano.com.au
I never really got the whole “scarf” thing.
Not for want of trying, let me assure you; I must have scores of the things secreted away in many nooks and crannies about the house.
I’m a sucker for those multi-coloured displays of silk goodies out the front of Tie Rack www.tie-rack.co.uk and for the billowing racks in David Jones www.davidjones.com.au . I’ll spend hours stroking, perusing, comparing colours and patterns, and then inevitably I get them home, put them carefully away in the knickers drawer then never, ever, ever get them out again.
It’s a kind of madness, I think.
I mean scarves are a great way of injecting some personality into a boring outfit. Unless you’re buying Hermes they’re reasonably cheap and you can find all sorts of treasures in op-shops, they’re wildly collectible, don’t take up too much room, and are very versatile. I found this great website: www.texeresilk.com/cms-scarf_tying_guide.html that walks you through some of the many ways to fold and tie a scarf.
So scarves really are the ultimate froufrou, and damn-it, this year I’m determined to give them a proper go.
To that end, today I ventured out in a very basic t-shirtandjeans ensemble, but gave the whole look a bit of pizazz with my new spotty scarf from Katies:
Scarf: Katies www.katies.com.au
Cardigan: Crossroads www.crossroads.com.au
Jeans: Svoboda Renee Straight Legs from www.cherished-woman.com
(Don’t forget to use the code CHERISHED for your 20% off!)
Shoes: Rocket Dog www.rocketdog.com

4 thoughts on “Tied Up

  1. I have to say I love reading your blog. I’m terrible with accessories but I love that scarf. I might have to go get myself some scarves!

  2. Yay! I’m so glad you’re enjoying reading, bang83!
    I have to admit, I’m not great about accessories, either. I’m learning, though! I’m thrilled I’ve inspired you to experiment with scarves!

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