Spectacular Spectacles

It was one of those grotty, muggy, grey days in Melbourne today. Days like this always make me feel heavy, and lethargic and headachey; normally I’d spend it lolling about at home in easy reach of the freezer and a good novel, but today I had to go out for a book launch.

I’m a bit spoilt in my work in that I don’t have to wear a) a uniform, b) a colour code (unless you count black. I am a Melbournite, after all), or c) a suit. Usually I try to wear something that makes me look cheerful and approachable, and like the sort of person you would buy Children’s books from. Skirts, dresses, jeans, cute t-shirts – I get full use of my wardrobe (hurrah!).

Sometimes – like today when I act as the Face-Of-The-Company – I try to look a little more serious and professional and bookish.

The spectacles help.

It’s a little known fact about me that I am blind as a bat without my contact lenses. I wear the “extended wear” lenses that you can sleep in, because I’m lazy, and so when I venture out in my rarely-worn glasses I tend to get double-takes from people who know me. The weird thing is though – they all realise something’s different, but they can’t often pinpoint what it is. (“You’ve had your hair cut” is something I hear regularly when I’m wearing my glasses) I think there’s something about me that suggests glasses-wearing even when I’m not wearing them. Like they belong on my face. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I suppose given my choice of industry they’re a help, rather than a hindrance.

Glasses: O&X New York

3 thoughts on “Spectacular Spectacles

  1. LOL, nope! It’s either shoes OR glasses. When I’m wearing both I look uppity.
    Naw, I was wearing silver sandals but I kicked them off as soon as I got home!

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