Coming Up Roses

Necklace: tidabeads @ etsy http://www.tidabeads.etsy.com/
Dress: remixed Lily @ Nordstrom http://www.nordstrom.com/
Shoes: Diana Ferrari http://www.dianaferrari.com.au/

In case you didn’t know; I am a girly girl.

As a child my favourite colour was pink.
I took ballet.
I had lots of dolls.
And I would not, on pain of death, wear trousers. It was all skirts, all the time.
Which just goes to prove, the more things change, the more they stay the same.
It’s coming into the Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne at the moment, which means that everywhere I looks there are dresses, dresses and more dresses! And this season’s ultra-pretty florals and full skirts are like my childhood dream wardrobe, so I’m going a little crazy here.

The one saving grace for my bank balance is that in most of this season’s delicate florals and pretty pastels I look just this side of religious nutter so instead I have to opt for the less common bold prints and bright colours.

Cardigan: Crossroads http://www.crossroads.com.au/
Shoes: Diana Ferrari http://www.dianaferrari.com.au/

I just LOVE this Portmans skirt, and once I got over the shock of fitting into it (since when did the Portmans size 16 get so generous?) I wondered why I hadn’t seen it before.

It would appear that Portmans made two versions of this skirt – the one I own, and a second identical skirt in a pretty pink and red Monet-esque print of blowsy roses. The second skirt is the one that went into general production and can be found instore currently. The first ended up in the clearance centre, where Lilli, in a fit of great excitement snapped it up for a song. There’s more out there girls – keep your eyes peeled!

It has deep pockets (hurrah!) and a full skirt (double hurrah!) and – wait for it – a tulle petticoat. Yep, that’s right. It’s practically a tutu (swoon!!)

Also on the bright florals topic, today I picked up my new (now remixed) Nordstrom dress from the dressmaker:

I bought it at the same time as my new handbag and it was basically just an add-on because I couldn’t bear to put my first Nordstrom order through, and not get some gorgeous frock.

It was drastically on sale, which is good. But it arrived, and was at least two sizes too big, which is less good, and after the cost of taking it in, taking it up, and giving it straps (because if I can possibly avoid strapless bras, I will) it was considerably less of a bargain than it had started out as.

It came back from the dressmakers a bit shorter than I had expected, and I’m not sure the straps were such a good idea after all, but it’s still a lovely dress that looks like it was made for romantic picnics in the botanical gardens. I wonder if Himself will get the memo?

11 thoughts on “Coming Up Roses

  1. You know, I was the opposite of you as a kidlet – I hated dancing and flowers and dresses and, as I’m sure doesn’t surprise you, I was aaaaall about pants. So it has come as a bit of a shock to me to find myself pressed up against store windows pointing at all the floral print dresses and going, “oooohhh…”

    And I even enjoyed the fact that your new skirt has tulle in it.

  2. loving the big floral prints.
    i’ve been hoarding dresses i find at the thrifts with the big flowers on them.
    wish i could find a skirt.

    i also have never seen that etsy seller, and totally just “hearted” her, because the work is fab.

    i am going real(not thrift) shopping today, and i will channel you as i try on things i haven’t tried on in years.

  3. So pretty!

    I was actually in Crossroads today and saw what I think was that red cardigan you are wearing and searched through the rack in vain for my size (because I was about to buy a polka dot dress that it would team with beautifully).

    I love the florals this year, but not sure they’re for me. I’m askeered. I mostly wear black 😛

  4. Thanks for doing this blog it’s soooo helpful. I’ve just finished looking through all your posts and have just ordered a pair of jeans. On second thought maybe I shouldn’t thank you, my bank balance will hate me 🙂

  5. Oh man, need that skirt. I need to head out to a clearance centre (DFO, or is there a Portmans outlet somewhere?) post haste!

  6. Hi Gannet, most DFO's seem to have a Portmans lcearance shop… there may be one along Bridge Road, too, but unless you're coming down to visit (in which case I'll totally take you shopping) the best bet is prolly your local DFO

    that is my absolute pleasure! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog – which jeans did you get??!!

    Heya, Frumpygibbon – the cardi's a few season old, but it always seems to be back every year. I'm finding Crossroads a bit iffy at the moment… they SAY they do everything in a size 10 to 22, but sometimes I look at the sizes on offer and think "hmmmnnn…" Plus my favourite Crossroads closed down a year or so ago (was turned into a Supre, to add insult to injury) and I haven't found another one I really like yet. Incidentally though, polkadots=yummy!

    Sabrosa – if you can stand the shipping & exchange costs the dress that I bought at Nordstrom is also available as a skirt:

    Otherwise… if you've got one locally Ikea (weirdly) has some amazing retro-print fabrics, and they're so cheap even I've bought a swathe of fabric, and I'm going to have a stab at whipping up my own skirt

    Fi, why doesn't it surprise me that you weren't a skirts kid? You're almost still to adorable to wear one without looking like a pretty little doll! It's nice to see you've come to it later in life, though.

  7. Hi! I’ve ordered some embody jeans off ebay to see how they go.
    I ordered Tempt narrow. Let’s see just how narrow. I’m a little bit scared because I’ve got big thighs.

  8. lilli, I looooove the Portmans skirt outfit. Just perfect. Must find some red flats.

    Enjoying your blog immensely – thanks for the inspiration and temptation. 😀

    -Claire, long-time Vogue Plus Size thread lurker

  9. Hi Claire, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog! There’s some really adorable red flats out in the market at the moment. Diana Ferrari always seems to have a big proportion of red shoes (LOVE red shoes)

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