Ezi does it.

Top: Target www.target.com.au
Pants: Grace Hill @ Ezibuy www.ezibuy.com.au
I actually ordered these Grace Hill “Wide Leg Jeans” months ago, but they went on to backorder. And to be honest, I fully expected to send them right back as soon as they arrived (because I just got those Embody wide leg jeans. See? I can be rational) but then they came, and they fit, and they’re not really denim so they’re not really jeans and they have these buttons on the waistband… and before I knew it, they were hemmed, and I’m wearing them, and they’re just wonderful.
Meanwhile the top I’ve paired it with today was an unexpected boon – I was perusing the racks at a Target way out in the boondocks, and discovered this rather gorgeous, 100% silk blouse. It has a dainty little mock pussy-bow at the neck, and is gossamer light. It was also on sale for just over $18. So get thee to a Target! You never know how many of these babies are still out there!

2 thoughts on “Ezi does it.

  1. Yay! We can have a mutual love-fest, because I love reading yours, too! Not to mention the hours I spend browsing GeorgieLove for goodies. Christmas shopping, here I come!

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