Beret: Scala Pronto @ Scally & Trombone
Top: Target www.target.com.au
Shoes: Diana Ferrari www.dianaferrari.com.au
Ooooh, I’m loving this season’s Nautical trend – The crisp stripes, the red white and blue, the high-waisted pants and boatneck tops. It’s all absolutely delish.
It’s also proving weirdly difficult to find in plus sizes, but I spotted a few cute items in my travels:

This skirt & dress both come from Chinatowner www.chinatowner.com and while I can’t vouch for quality, the price is right, and the shipping’s cheap

This breezy little summer top comes from SWAK designs www.swakdesigns.com

And excuse me if it’s Too Much Information, but don’t you love these Nautical Knickers? I picked them up at 3 for $19.95 at Myer (www.myer.com.au) this afternoon.

Happy sailing!

2 thoughts on “Naughty-cal!

  1. SB/Jasper has that second ChinaTowner dress and it looks fab on her! I think the quality is average, but she’d have to comment.

    Love those jeans!

  2. Does she? I’ll have to check it out on Flickr.
    I premiered my own sailor dress this weekend (at a fancy-dress party) and it was a hit. Got a lot of “Hell-o Sailor!” calls. There were a troupe of scantily clad teenagers in the elevator who prefaced that with an “ew, gross” but I think they were cranky because they were drunk, and obviously had herpes.

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