Maggy London One Shoulder Ruched Dress
Ah, the Little Black Dress.
It’s such essential wardrobe fodder that it’s practically a cliche.
The idea of the LBD is the one perfect dress that can by dressed up, or down. It is at home at the office as it is on a date. You can wear it to weddings, and funerals and everything in between.

I’m not sure I ascribe to the idea of one dress for all events (where’s the fun in that?) but I certainly have a few LBD’s hanging in the closet. Enough of them that I’m actually embarrassed to give you a number. Here are two of my favourites:

Top: Miss Shop @ Myer www.myer.com.au

Dress: Crossroads www.crossroads.com.au
Boots: Duo Boots www.duoboots.com
This one’s probably more the all-purpose dress. It’s a great cut – based on the famous “Galaxy Dress” – and one that flatters every body. Today I’ve layered over a skivvy because it’s freezing in Melbourne, but in summer that wide square necklace showcases my cleavage like nobody’s business. Sometimes I team it with an obi belt for a bit of colour. I think of all the LBD’s I own, this is the one I could least do without, because it’s so easy to dress up, or tone down.
Dress: remixed, made up of
Top: American Apparel www.americanapparel.net
Skirt: City Chic www.citychic.com.au
Shoes: Poetic Licence www.poeticlicence.us
This isn’t actually a dress – it’s a too-small one shoulder singlet from American Apparel that kept riding up and a too-big pencil skirt from City Chic that kept falling down. Rather than retiring them both I sewed one to the other, and the result is one of the sexiest dresses in my closet!

So I’m probably not really in the market for another Little Black Dress, but I’m certainly still keeping my eyes open. Here are some of my current favourites:

“Body Con Dress”
Prolly the most similar to the eponymous “Galaxy” dress. I love the sweetheart neckline
Black Rose Tiered Tank Dress
This dress looks perfect for a hot summer’s night. Wear it on New Years
Jersey Wrap Dress
You know how I feel about wrap dresses, and this one is just divine.
The tulip skirt is great for creating curves and flattering heavy legs.

Triple Tier Dress
This season is all about tiers and I just think this is one of the prettiest dresses out there.

Play Now Dress
This is a bit more casual and fun – a great young dress, and I’m a sucker for feature pockets!
Of course everyone does a LBD, some other good shops to try are:
Ezibuy: www.ezibuy.com.au (especially the Grace Hill & Sara ranges)

6 thoughts on “LBD

  1. I have a super hot beaded black dress from Igigi that I love. As well as one from Jacqui E. I totally need that Alight dress, the layers are gorgeous!

  2. Dude, that one-shoulder affair is completely awesome. And you built it with your own two hands! You got some mad style skillz there. Can we hire you as a personal shopper?

  3. I found the quality pretty decent. The dress itself is a polyester blend, but the beading is actually really good. It’s a very heavy dress – it weighs around 3 kgs!

    I did post a pic up when I reviewed it. I think it was around last … I want to say February/March.

    One of the reps from the company was contacting bloggers to do reviews with the promise of a discount, or we could return it out of our own pocket. Seeing as it would have costed me half as much to return as to buy, I decided to just buy the dress, hee.

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