Top: Urbane @ Myer

Pants: Asos

Shoes: Easy Spirit

Day three at the Full Figured Fashion Week was a busy one with back to back events that started with breakfast at Lane Bryant’s flagship store in Manhattan.

When I was visiting in April I didn’t get the opportunity to drop in to visit one of the US’s most recognisable brands for plus size women, so it was great to be able to wander about – danish in hand – and check out their wares in person.


Lane Bryant is a spacious, airy and well-designed shop front with covetable change rooms and a great approach to merchandising. It’s definitely a welcoming space and they have a huge range of fashion to choose from; from t-shirts and casual wear, suits, lots of maxi-dresses, and even a decent range of activewear.

Upstairs they have a huge range of the Cacique lingerie line.

DSCF1698_2I was a bit disappointed not to find much in my size in amongst this riot of bright colours and prints, but was amazed to see such a range of fun young bras and panties available in plus-sizes. For the grown-ups Lane Bryant also does a beautiful range of more elegant pieces in the Cacique range.

DSCF1702_2I particularly love that red set.

After our breakfast we headed back to the FFFWEEK headquarters at The Affinia Hotel to hear what Lane Bryant had in store for us for the upcoming season.

If you follow me on Twitter you might already know that Lane Bryant’s keeping on-trend  with prints featuring bold geometric lines, polkadots, plaids and chevron prints in a colour palette of monochrome or fiery red, deep blues and leafy greens. They’re talking about using more textured fabrics, and details like chunky gemstones and lace appliqués, and also embracing sequins (hurrah!) and flocking.

I’m excited by what I’m hearing, so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled on the website to see what comes up as the new seasons roll out.


Dress: Asos (remixed)

Belt: I Will Fly

White Cruise is consistently the most popular event on the FFFWEEK schedule every year. It’s an opportunity to get frocked up (in all white, naturally) and hit the dance floor of a cruise boat while the gorgeous backdrop of New York’s skyline slips past in the distance.

I was so blown away by some of the amazing outfits put together by the other attendees – people really go all-out, and I have to admit I felt a little underdressed in my little cotton sun-dress from Asos. It was a cheap buy – around the $40 mark – and needed some major dress-surgery to make it fit, but I have a remix-project in mind when I get it home.


Fellow Antipodeans Siki-Lou, Tash and Mele


Melbourne blogger Ashley Rose in a dress custom-made for her by City Chic with the model Nassali Kiggundu

DSCF1714_2Me, with the gorgeous Gaelle from The Curvy and Curly Closet

DSCF1732_2Marie Denee from The Curvy Fashinista was wearing a sheer lace dress from Jibri which has rocketed to the top of my lust list.


All White Tonight


Top: Urbane @ Myer

Trousers: Asos

Necklace: DIY

Shoes: Marks and Spencer

Ahhhh Sunday night. You always roll around faster than I’d like you to.

It’s still disgustingly hot in Melbourne at the moment, and both the cat and I are finding ourselves disinclined to do anything except loll about feeling uncomfortable and drowsy.

I was determined not to spend another weekend lying around with a book in one hand and a glass of water in the other groggily drifting in and out of sleep, so today I managed a trip to the markets followed by an afternoon of jam-making to use up the embarrassingly cheap strawberries I’d bought en masse.

Admittedly the whole AM period (and into PM too, if I’m being honest) was spent groggily drifting in and out of sleep with a book in my hand, etc etc, but I had a reasonable excuse.

From 7PM Saturday to 7AM Sunday Melbourne hosted their first “White Night” festival, where 300,000 sweaty bodies packed into the city’s laneways to soak up the art and the atmosphere.

The streets around my old apartment were so crammed full of people packed cheek-to-jowl that my date and I didn’t even attempt to venture that way – there was plenty to see elsewhere in the city.

My favourite element of the night would either have to be the eerily beautiful music played under the great dome at the State Library, or the astonishing light displays down Flinders Street, where familiar buildings were given a fantastical new facade that moved and changed, crawling with snakes or 8-bit gameplay imagery.



Flinders Street Station looked particularly astonishing.

Anyway, it was a good night, and I’m glad I got the opportunity to experience it.

The outfit I was wearing was pretty much the slightly less girly version of my Yen For It ensemble, since trekking around the city til all-hours it seemed like a trousery event.

You don’t see me in pants very often, but I’ve taken a real shine to cropped trousers  and ballet flats. It’s one of those imaginary no-no’s (short girls and ankle-length pants, that is) but what are fashion-rules there for if not to be broken, right?

I’m also wearing my DIY’d fimo bead necklace, which goes with this outfit perfectly.

DSCF0744 - Version 2I’m also feeling very smug about having finally figured out how to master the side bun, which is definitely my favourite hair-do of the moment.

It’s kind of reminiscent of my wedding “do”, but less elaborate, and without the addition of Blanche’s beautiful clip.

Prior to now I’ve never been able to master the side bun, because I always ended up with a hard little knot of hair that just looked uncomfortable.

After watching Lady Melbourne’s Ballerina Bun Tutorial I rushed out and bought myself a hair donut, and started experimenting, and finally I had the loose, casual side bun down pat.

See? Look how happy I am with myself for it!