FFFWeek – Day 5

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Dress: Embody Denim

Shoes: Chie Mihara

Necklace: Forever New

Of all the events of Full Figure Fashion Week the one I was most excited about was the Indie Designer Showcase.

The showcase gives new, up-and-coming plus-size designers the opportunity to increase their profile, and attendees the opportunity to learn about some of the innovative and fresh labels emerging into the market.

It’s a pretty swank event, and was held in the the elegant surrounds of the Broad Street Ballroom.

I wore my “Dita” dress from the indie Australian label “Embody Denim“.

It’s an absolute classic – I call it my “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” dress because of the yoke neckline, and the gorgeous almost art-deco seaming at the bodice. I love the way the bodice of the dress joins with the neckline at the sides; making the arm-holes wide and open, but not exposing any bra (Asos take note) or the little poochy bit of flesh at the armpits.

It nips me in at the waist, and the tulip skirt conceals pockets (pockets!) but still manages to skim my hips without adding too much bulk. The fabric feels like it could be silk, and the dress is fully lined.

I love the wide neckline, and it’s the perfect showcase for the ultra-sparkly necklace that I wore for the Denim and Diamonds launch party at the start of Full Figured Fashion Week.


But enough about me! Onto the designers!

The designers profiled at the FFFWeek Indie Designers Showcase came from all over the world: the US, the UK, France… even Australia!

I didn’t have a great vantage point for photographs, so thank you to Estrella Fashion Report, and Curvy Fashionista for some of these pictures, and to the FFFWeek website for the designer blurbs:


Amiiee’s designer Dunja Messer-Jourdain focuses on premium fabrics, leathers and materials that make the brand unapologetically geared towards those ladies who truly love their curves and have the confidence, good taste and quality consciousness to expect the level of fashion that appears on catwalks in the world’s major fashion capitals. The designer is actively designing fresh, unique, daring and sexy fashion with the plus size customer in mind from the very beginning, routinely making fashions as if the idea of feminine beauty coming in all sizes was never in question.

The yellow dress with the fringe really caught my eye at Aimee (such a sucker for yellow!) though when the model wearing the aqua top and red rose print skirt turned around I caught my breath: the top had the most beautiful cowl-necked back!

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 7.00.08 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 7.00.51 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 7.01.10 PM(you can see the full range of photos here, on the Aimee website)

Skinny Billionairess

Skinny Billionairess is the brainchild of New York based stylist Pamela Wood. Her design wit spans the erotic, the exotic, and vintage, coupled with an eye the likes of which has never been seen before. With her initial foray into FFFW, Pamela will be shifting the paradigm for the industry in her presentation of high end fabrications, evocative cuts, and homage to true houses of couture.

I’m disappointed that I couldn’t find a good shot of it, but Skinny Billionairess sent a model down the runway in the most gorgeous ensemble, which seemed to be made of silk scarves printed with the image of cranes. A lot of her fashion seemed quite deconstructed – looked absolutely stunning on the runway, but wouldn’t necessarily be street-friendly. The designer definitely has an eye though.



Live Unlimited

Live Unlimited London presents a collection that is trend-led, with a contemporary feel, yet still remains elegant and timeless. Specializing in stunning prints and curve conscious styling in a sophisticated and wearable colour palette that means your wardrobe builds with each collection. Live Life Always and Celebrate Yourself with Live Unlimited London.

This is a new brand that has already been picked up by Evans, so keep your eyes peeled on the website for some really lovely and wearable pieces. There’s a sheer art-deco print tunic top with my name on it!

fffweek-1-465 fffweek-1-455


Nakimuli aims to go beyond the traditions of women’s fashion and explore more of the imagination, what could be rather than what should be. The world we live in often dictates what we should wear and creates millions of it. 

We at Nakimuli want to create a fashion revolution: replace the cookie cutter model with one that embraces individuality, comfort, and fun. Become your own trendsetter. Dream. Explore. Dare.

Not really my personal style, but the printed fabrics were fantastically eye-catching, and it’s exciting to see something that challenges the conventions of “plus size” fashion.

fffweek-1-429 fffweek-1-414


Created a year ago, Onoz, French brand based in Paris, create fashion trends and wants more than ever to share it with the curvy women. The brand offers trendy clothes in which every woman can identify and feel beautiful. The lines are feminine, sensual and made to sublime the curves of each woman. the Onoz fall-winter 2013 collection is based on silhouettes inspired by the past and revisited with ultra-feminine designs and urban looks. Marked by lightness and sensuality, the line offers a retro mix of cuts and worked materials for very glamorous looks. 

This brand is a favourite of french blogger Big, or Not Too Big, so they’ve been on my radar for a while. The metallic caped dress that so caught my eye at the Press Day Event was from OnOz, and the rest of the line did not disappoint.

fffweek-1-032 fffweek-1-023

Rue 114

Rue 114 is inspired by and created for women who believe that every shape and size should be celebrated as beautiful. They seek to constantly push the boundaries of modern, African inspired fashion; and use prints as their foundation. Taking cues from the popular color blocking trend, Rue 114 re-imagines the aesthetic through the prism of “print blocking.”

This designer won the gong for “Best Independent Designer of the Year” and it’s not hard to see why. The bold prints and adventurous silhouettes were eye-catching and fun. I’m a complete fangirl of the African-inspired fabrics.

fffweek-1-216 fffweek-1-218

Sean Anthony Designs

The sean anthony Designs 2013 Fall collection is classic style with a splash of urban. You can expect to see a lot of separates with chic coats and jackets. “I design ready-to-wear with all the joys of comfort”, quotes the designer.

I particularly love the shape of the coats on offer from Sean Anthony Designs. The nipped-in waists and huge swirly skirts are so classic and elegant.

fffweek-1-296 fffweek-1-282Tru Diva Designs

Accentuating a woman’s contours, and creating flattering lines is only part of the designer’s recipe, her decidedly contemporary designs are characterized by an exquisite attention to detail, impeccable construction and use of rich luxurious fabrics.

The strapless jumpsuit was such a hit with Curvy Fashionista Marie Denee that she bought it straight off the runway, and wore it the following day to the Retailers Runway show the following day. I loved the retro 70’s-looking sheath dress with the big pockets and rhinestone belt buckle.

fffweek-1-247 fffweek-1-242

T~Tyme Lady Couture

 T~TymeLady Couture offers fashion forward apparel catering to women whose dress sizes fall in between the Misses and Women sizes. T~TymeLady Couture is the happy medium that joins Classy and Sexy.

I loved the jewelled bustiers that T~Tyme had on offer, and the play of textured fabric and contrasting but complementary pattern mixing.

fffweek-1-373 fffweek-1-394

ZMJ Denim

his company stays on top of the latest fashion trends and is dedicated to keeping it young, fresh and relevant. ZMJ Denim, Inc. was founded by sisters Zakiya Jones and Tashiba Jones-Wilson, both natives of Los Angeles, California.

 I really loved the shape of the capri denim shorts pictured here (though there’s just a little too much hardware for me) but ZMJ Denim also does so great coloured and/or printed denim jeans, and some skirts an other pieces, too.

fffweek 1 099

Still here? I hope so, because I’ve saved the best for last.

Australian brand Huudaverti – for my personal tastes – just stole the night. I’d had a chance to meet the three women behind the label at the Press Day Event, and was impressed by what I’d heard about their approach to fashion, but nothing prepared me for how head-over-heels I would fall over their line when it came down the runway.


huudaverti is a collaboration by Australian born sisters Laurice Romeo, Jan-Maree Evans and Christine Evans. The huudaverti label was launched in 2012 at Fiji Fashion Week.With designs and inspiration blossoming out of a 1970s aesthetic – which may be giving their age away – their clothing has an emphasis on quality and a look that elevates the modern women to stand out from the crowd. 

Using their innate sense of style and ability to conceptualize garments from either an initial sketch or from seeing an amazing piece of fabric, the girls from huudaverti combine their learnt skills and natural talents to create beautiful, wearable clothes for women who are comfortable in their skin and want to look good and feel great while dressing to complement their individual body shape 

fffweek-1-349 fffweek-1-334 fffweek-1-339 fffweek-1-332 fffweek-1-326Honestly, I loved everything they sent down the runway – the cuffed capri pants, the sequinned cape, the shimmery gold top. But if I could only have one item I couldn’t go past the sheer navy dress, the fabric of which which was shot through with silver thread, and which looked just sublime in the lights of the runway.

Their shop isn’t yet up and running, but I’ll be watching the label with interest, and saving for the day that they launch, and I can snaffle up one of their gorgeous pieces all for myself!

27 thoughts on “FFFWeek – Day 5

  1. Thank you so much for this post! Loved seeing the clothes and now have a couple of new designers to keep an eye on.

  2. I can see you in that sheer navy dress. And I can see me in the black one you’re wearing! Gorgeous. A very comprehensive post.

  3. The black dress is gorgeous on you! That neckline is perfect for you, and it looks great with the necklace 🙂

  4. Wow! Such a variety of clothes- some I love, some not my taste but I love that there is so much to choose from and just cos u might b a bigger size doesn’t mean u can’t decide what your style is!
    For too long my style has been dictated by what’s available in my size (that’s affordable) rather than what I live or want to wear!
    Those Aussie girls have gorgeous pieces!!

  5. Not surprisingly, you look fabulous. That dress looks FABULOUS on you.

    I loved this post. While very few of the things were “me” it is so exciting to see plus sized designers stepping out of the box and designing fabulous things, for bigger women who have style.

  6. You look like a Hollywood diva in the third picture! Plus, not many people can manage to look classy next to a wire mesh fence!
    Has anyone ever asked you to work as a model?

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