11 thoughts on “Flying In Style

  1. Really cute outfit I love the contrast balck/white with yellow necklace and I find it is perfect for flying. I read your post on the guardian and I laught a lot when a read about the “impressionable fashion victim” 🙂

    alice c’n’r

  2. I loved this outfit! I am slowly coming around to the idea that dresses and skirts can be comfortable, and could very much see this as a traveling outfit, despite the fact that it is so cute. I am so glad that you enjoyed your trip to NY and hope that you and your sweetie don’t have to be separated for very much longer.

  3. I think ill take your style next time I fly. Jeans are so uncomfortable to fly long haul in….had never thought of an outfit like this- I’d probsbly wear leggings rather than tights though!

  4. Great article. I once had a job interview in London that I flew to from Scotland. By the time your bum hits the seat, it’s time to land, so it’s not a long flight (!) but I had on these high heeled, pointed toe shoes with two thin straps across them (as it was an interview I had to look smart and couldn’t carry a change of clothes). My feet were swelling on the plane, so I stupidly unbuckled them and took them off, only to find I couldn’t get the shoes back on in London. I ended up walking the length of Oxford Street (not to mention the train stations etc) in bare feet trying to find a suitable pair of shoes to buy!

  5. Fabulous and stylish. I usually look completely haggard before/during/after flying…and in the last few years I haven’t flown any longer than 2 hours LOL.

    Love the column…great to see your fabulous style and charm reaching more and more people.

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