Top: Dream Diva

Skirt: Target

Leggings: My Size

Shoes: Wittner

I’ve got a bit of a thing about sequins at the moment.

A while ago I saw Tanesha from A Girl With Curves wearing the most kickass ensemble of thrifted sequin top with full skirt, then a few months later I saw Jay Miranda wearing an equally outstanding outfit where she paired a voluminous sequinned top with skinny jeans and a cardi. The jig was up, I decided my wardrobe needed more sequins, stat.

Fortunately for me, sequins are EVERYWHERE in the shops at the moment, and though a lot of them succumbed to my pet peeve of having embellished fronts, and bare backs (why God, why?) there were one or two that fit my a) rack and b) price point.

Of course, once I tried a few on in shops I got all shy and ridiculous about wearing what amounts to being a big mirror ball out in PUBLIC, and ultimately I decided that I couldn’t rationalise wearing one in day-to-day life.

Until I saw this top at Dream Diva, at least.

The perfect combination of my Remixed Dorothy Perkins Heart Top with a not-at-all-OTT sequin bonus!

It came in pink and blue, but I wasn’t really loving the salmony pink colour, so I bought the blue instead. It’s casual and comfortable, and dresses down really well, but when the light hits it just right it turns the room into Studio 54.



12 thoughts on “Mirrorball

  1. Love this! The skirt and the top are an awesome combination!! The only thing I’m not digging are the leggings… they seem to be at an awkward length and are battling with the skirt. I would go maybe just a wee bit longer, or leave them out altogether.

  2. Love the shoes, and all the shoes at the Wittmer site – now I’m wishing I was still living in Australia so I could shop there. Best wishes for a lovely wedding.

  3. This top is just adorable! I will admit I’m still not brave enough to wear sequins–I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pull them off–but I still admite those who do. Now a top like this one I wouldn’t be shy about wearing! 🙂

  4. I too admit I’m a shy one when sequins are involved. I don’t know why! It’s not like it’s some major fashion sin or something. And very rarely do people stare when out in public in something…ahem…”weird”.

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