Ruby Romantic

Top: Dorothy Perkinsremixed

Skirt: Mokkafiveoclock

Shoes: Wittner

Melbourne’s having yet another cold snap, with temperatures hovering around the twenty-degree mark, but this is unashamedly a warm-weather ensemble.

Which today was decidedly not.

I got struck down with a KILLER lurgie over the weekend, and spent most of the last four days laid up in bed feeling sorry for myself while The Sophisticate looked after me. As a result, this outfit (actually Friday’s) is showing up on the blog a bit late.

Something about this bright red circle skirt screams summer. It arrived in the cooler months and I tried my best to winterise it, but in the end I had the resign myself to the fact that it would have to have to be shelved away until it it got hot.

And now it’s cold again.

Still, there’s a fair bit of summer still to come, with lots of opportunities to wear the skirt, and when I’m sweating through my fourth 35+ degree day in a row, I’ll be thinking longingly back on this cool-not-cold weather.

Earrings: Ruby Dalmation

Meanwhile here’s another sneek-peek Wedding would-have-been.

I bought these earrings thinking they might do well as my wedding earrings, but I think they’ve been deemed not-formal-enough. Oh, too bad, so sad. It means I get to wear them straight away! Hurrah!

9 thoughts on “Ruby Romantic

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been crook my dear! Love this outfit. That skirt is lovely. Also your earrings – I’d say they were ok for a wedding!! I wear some pearl earrings I bought for £8 from a market near where I worked.

    1. Thanks, Claire – feeling much improved, thanks heavens! I haven’t written the earrings off yet – I’ll have to try them with the dress…. which I pick up this week! (EEEEK!)

  2. Cute dress! And as for the day-whatever is going to happen, will. Roll with it and enjoy. After all-you are marrying the Sophisticate-not anyone else. As long as you two are happy-the rest will fall into place.

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