Delayed Delights!

I’m hoping that the absolutely sublime Chitra, from Chitra’s Closet will forgive how late this post is!

She very generously invited me to attend the runway launch of her spring/summer collection in oh-God-August, and Joss and I had the most lovely night, but this is the first opportunity I’ve actually had to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) and tell you all about the new yummies she’s got for the upcoming warmer seasons.

As soon as the French-inspired soundtrack started I knew I was in my element, and as Chitra’s wearable confections started to make their way down the runway I felt immediately at home with the swish-swish of floaty silk dresses, cheeky red petticoats and scarlet shoes.

As usual for Chitra, colour was king, as seen with this great mix-and-match ensemble. The skirt was the most wonderful pink, and had a good heft to the fabric, and the ruffle details on the cuffs and collar of the blouse give it a nice frivolity.

Even when conforming to Melbourne’s rule of Black, the designer couldn’t help herself, and underneath sombre shift dresses of a heavyweight satin, cheeky little peeks of a scarlet ย lining could be spotted. It’s these little attentions to detail that make me love the clothes from Chitra’s Closet so much. The contrast stitching on a scalloped hem, cuffed trouser hems. This cobalt-blue dress looks deceptively simple, but up close the complicated pleating on the shoulders and sleeves give it a real artisan’s feel.

This red dress reminded me fondly of the strapless Monsoon Dress that I donned for countless weddings over a two-year period, and when the model turned around and revealed a feature back (seen here in black) I nearly scrambled up onto the catwalk to strip it off the model!

The piece I really don’t think I can live without though is the fishtail black skirt, with the oh-so divine deco-style panelling on the waistband.I’m trying to save for…. something I’ll tell you all about later… but I may have to break my spending ban for that skirt.

14 thoughts on “Delayed Delights!

  1. Love Chitra.
    Love the fact that she is only 5 minutes walk away from my house.
    Love her sales and that she has stuff in the sales that people (ie me) can actually wear.
    Love the fact that her clothes her whimsical but not impractical, beautifully made with gorgeous fabrics.
    go Chitra – wish she would invite me to one of her shows – only uber powerful fashion mavens like yourself get to go ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Gorgeous! I tend to find pictures from fashin shows kind of dull, but these pieces are so beautiful! And I can see wh you felt right at home=)
    The fact that there are no prices on her website unfortunately tells me that I will never be able to afford anything she makes, though.

  3. Definitely not plus size models – LOL

    It looks like so much fun though – I would have love to have gone. Thanks for posting your pics!

  4. Hello Lilli

    Thank you so much for your delightful review and your support. I definitely make and design clothes for women with curves. I have tried very hard not to design clothes that take over my clients personality. It should bring out their real personality and let them shine. Sorry for the blue light that caused your photographer problems in my last show. I have designed to have show at the new French restaurant on Sydney Road that just opened last few month. It will be a perfect location for all the ladies to sit down -have dinner and enjoy the show, accompanied with the jazz band.
    I hope you donโ€™t mind me to asking but would you like to be my guest model this season? It will be Friday 15th ,October . You will look wonderful in my clothes….looking forward to hearing from you…xx Chitra

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