Curve Ball

Top: Glassons

Jacket: Veronika Maine

Jeans: Levi Curve

Shoes: Chie Mihara


It’s been a while since I’ve bought new jeans, but when reader Cilla emailed me with a rave review about Levi’s new “Curve” range of jeans I was intrigued.

Levi Strauss’ usual women’s range hasn’t had a remodel in seventy-five years, and while the existing model must’ve worked for a vast, vast range of women out there (after all, Levi’s are the most eponymous brand of denim in the world, right?) I couldn’t personally make them work. The thighs were too tight, the waists too loose, and the denim too unforgiving.

According to the press release the new Curve range “looks beyond waist size to address the true curves of a woman’s entire body”. It’s a “revolutionary fit system that focuses on shape, not size”.

The designers created the three fits (Slight, Demi and Bold Curve) after studying the bodies of over 60,000 women, and adapting the pattern to better customize the fit to different shaped bodies, as opposed to different waist measurements.

I was doubtful when Cilla first told me to check them out. It’s been a loooong time since I was last able to fit into a pair of Levi’s, and I’ve been so pleased with the Svoboda and Embody Jeans that make up the bulk of my denim wardrobe that I didn’t really see the point in hunting them down.

However, I spotted them in Myer whilst on a lunch break, and since I was heading to the change rooms anyway, I picked up a few pairs to try.

And boy, was I impressed.

Not by the “Slight Curve” (designed to define a woman’s waist, while accentuating her curves) or the “Bold Curve” (designed to hug the waist, without gapping or pulling) which were both of a typically awkward fit. But then I tried the “Demi Curve” (designed to flatter a woman’s waist, while smoothing her shape) and thought “Blimey. I think they’ve got it”.

Low waisted enough to be flattering, without feeling like I’m flashing my unmentionables; good quality denim with not so much rigidity they can stand up by themselves, but not so soft you know they’re going to be seven sizes bigger by the afternoon; the right amount of distressing; and the all-important flattering back pocket.

Now – they only go up to a size 34 at the moment (which is lazy as hell for a company that, yes, does do plus sizes – in the Good old US of A, anyway, I’ve never seen them here in Australia) but I found it a very generous 34, about on par with a Target size 18. I bought the Straight Legs, and actually sized down (!!!) because 34’s fit like they’d been made for me, and we all know that means they’ll be way too big the moment you’ve worn them for ten minutes. They actually haven’t given that much, and only in the right places.

So. Verdict:

They’re not perfect. Ideally I’d like them to be higher at the back, because I’m nervous about showing my butt-crack every time I bend over, and while the wash is good, it’s not as good as my favourite Embody’s. But overall, I’m Very Happy Indeed.

Now, for a gratuitous accessory shot because this awesome necklace just arrived from Etsy, and I think it’s adorable.

Elephant necklace: Sora Designs

(It also comes in red and white)

41 thoughts on “Curve Ball

  1. Love that outfit! I haven’t had a pair of Levi’s since highschool and havent bothered trying any on because I thought they wouldn’t fit, but if a 34’s on par with a Target sz18 looks like I might have to go shopping on monday!

  2. I love love LOVE that green jacket of yours! Have been hunting high and low for one similar but am failing miserably! Have you tried teaming it with your M&S green skirt?

    As for the jeans…I bet I wont be able to find some my size … UNLESS I employ my newly emigrated to the USA friend to find me some?! … hmmm thinking!

  3. I cannot wear low-waist jeans… and almost everything now is like that, but I found very 80’s pair of MAC jeans and ah! I’m in love with my jeans πŸ˜€
    you look great in everything *sigh* πŸ™‚

  4. Any time you wear that green jacket I love it! I actually thought Levi Curve was their new plus size range, and am now bitterly disappointed:/ Oh well, they *might* fit.

  5. I don’t often post a comment over here but I thought it was time I mentioned just how much I enjoy popping over to your site. I love to check out what you’re wearing and the gorgeousness that is Lilli is a day brightener every time.

    Love the elephants!!


  6. Yay! Thankyou for taking a punt!
    They look splendid – no overt muffin toppage and your crack doesn’t look in danger of being exposed at all. πŸ™‚
    I had to go down a size as well – there are precious few times that I get to do that.
    Your next jean-related task, if I may, is to sashay in to Bettina Liano and try some of their curve jeans.
    Now, I felt due trepidation when I walked in there (I had only seen bettinas on skinny minnies) but I held my head high and strutted right up to the 20 year old size 6 sales assistant and asked to try them on. I believe they go up to a 36 inch waist. I went a 34 and could have done a 33 potentially. (My actual waist itself is 31 inches – it is more my thighs that need the mercy)
    They did things to my buttocks that a month of daily spin class would struggle to do. I am talking serious butt lift activity. Superior to the Levis Curve ID (though they are about half the price). I even got some very admiring looks from the size 6 sales assistant (or maybe they are trained to do that). It was quite superb. I just have to wait till I am cashed up.
    They are also in a delightful dark inky colour, tres flattering.
    Anyway that is my very long winded comment. Enjoy your new jeans. I got my new Svoboda Cates in the mail yesterday, they are fabulous and just dressy enough to wear to work! I got them off ebay for USD 32!!!
    Ciao, Bella.
    P.S. I was browsing in Chitras closet in Brunny yesterday and Chitra was there (she had a very endearing way of referring to herself in the third person) and I mentioned your blog and she said that she wants you to upload the images from her last fash show stat.

    1. LOL, I’m waiting on some new jeans from Embody, and I put in an order with Jessica Svoboda a month ago (which annoyingly hasn’t shipped yet!) so I’m probably all jeaned out for a while – I wouldn’t dare to try the BL’s on. I have terrible impulse (shopping) control!
      Thanks for the suggestion for the Curve range though, they’re been great.

  7. hey!

    After seeing your initial twitter post linking to the article about the Curve ID line I was very interested as I ALWAYS have the problem of the gape at the back of the waist.

    Went Just Jeans in Chadstone today and found that the Bold curve straight 34s (I got them in black) are perfect for me. Flattering, perfect shape, not too revealing “plummer”-wise compared to other jeans I try on.

    Hooray for jeans that fit the booty, I’m very happy with my Bold curve jeans.

  8. LOVE those! I have a great deal of trouble finding jeans, and I’m a similar size and shape to you. I must go out very soon and look for some of these! I don’t think there’s a Levi’s store in my area, though. Wonder what their online return policy is like…

    1. Hmn – I’m not sure. I’d definitely advise trying them on in person if you can manage it – I wasn’t sure there’d be that much difference between the three cuts, but there definitely was.
      Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

  9. I’m totally in love with your green jacket!!!!!

    So in love in fact that I will be on the search for one similar to yours. πŸ™‚

    oh.. and yay for finding fab jeans! It’s always a good thing.

  10. Your blog is addictive! Not only do you always feature fabulous outfits, your posts are always helpful and feature great stuff! I have a pair of Levis curvy jeans, purchased in the USA, and I have to say they are one of my favorite jeans. They wash exceptionally well and the older they get, the more you love ’em. Love the necklace, by the way!

  11. You look gorgeous! So inspiring and happy.
    I read about you in a german magazin and just had to stop by.
    Will follow your blog, thx!

  12. thanks for posting about that new brand of jeans, I’d been looking at them on another site and was interested in what they really where like for the real curvy girls.

    Also love the green jacket, wish I could pull off that colour, but it makes me look yellow lol.

  13. I LOVE the way you dress, I’m a little bigger than you, but I have fallen in love with sweater guards, etsy, and colours in general!

    I’ve bought clothes in the last couple of months, that I never would have thought of getting, and walked into shops I never would have tried before.

    Thanks so much! x

  14. I was at the Levi’s website (US) and it appears they’ve added different cuts to their plus size boot cut jeans as well- I’m not sure when this happened. There are “Perfectly Shaping”, “Defined Waist”, and “Fuller Waist”. Maybe someday they’ll have different cuts in other styles of plus-size jeans. Until then, I’m just going to be happy I can wear Levi’s again.

  15. Yay!!!

    I was on the look out for jeans as the last few years I have been buying Jag bondi cut stretch straight leg in s14 but they fade so quick and lose their shape…was after something new but not over 100.00, I am on a tight budget. Just got the demi curve Levi’s in s31 from Myer – thanks!!!

    You should be getting commission for this πŸ™‚

    That colour green looks fabulous with dark jeans!

  16. Hi Lilli –

    It is not often that I disagree, but on the matter of these jeans I disagree with you 100%. They totally suck.

    After reading your post I excitedly popped downtown at lunch time to find and try them. I must admit I was a little sceptical, after reading that they only went up to a 34, but kept in mind your comparison with the Target 18s.

    OK, so I am tall. About 5 foot 10, and normally a size 16. And while yes, I could acutally do these jeans up, they didn’t even cover my private parts!!! They stoped mid-v’tush. Seriously ridiculous. They also bunched around my calves.

    When I was returning the jeans to the rack a sales girl asked if she could help with sizes I spat back at her ‘there is absoluately no way these jeans will fit me’. Feeling bad, I had to explain that I am just too tall for them. She couldn’t respond to that.

    I’m so disappointed. ;( Boo Levis

    1. Oh, that’s such a shame, Maz. I’m sorry you didn’t have any luck with them. I’m pretty short waisted, so even though they were a lower rise than I was used to, it wasn’t too bad. You might have better luck with Natalie from Embody’s “Tempt” or “Fever” range – they’re almost too high waisted on me, but could work perfectly for you…?

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