Bent out of Shape

Top: I.D.S.

Skirt: Marks and Spencer

Boots: Duo Boots


This is the second public-domain-friendly purchase that I made at Marks and Spencer. It’s very similar to the green skirt that I posted a few weeks ago, and is also a fully lined wool blend, with a chunky textured weave in a vibrant colour.

I’ll admit to not loving it as much as the pencil skirt, but it’s my own fault for forgetting that inverse pleats never seem to sit right on me, pulling open in a mildly unflattering way. I went with the longer length (21″, as opposed to 18″) and I’m glad I did because I’m nothing if not bashful about my knees. To be honest it was a close thing between deciding to hold on to it, or sending it back. I kept it because the blue is a perfect cobalt that’s practically impossible to find.

One peeve that I’ve got with both of the skirts that I bought is that I seem to get a permanent crease across my hips the moment I sit down. It might be because I don’t have a perfectly flat tummy, but let’s face it not many people do, and it doesn’t seem to be a problem with other skirts in my wardrobe, and it disappears the moment I hoik the waistband high. Maybe too tight on the hips…?

One thing I am loving unreservedly is the little bonbon pin that arrived as a special extra bonus when I unwrapped my We Are Large People order. It’s so sweet – in every sense of the word.


21 thoughts on “Bent out of Shape

  1. That is a very cool outfit. You look like you just stepped out of 1960s! I love the colour of the skirt & you were right to keep it. Why not out a stitch on either side of the pleat to keep it in place?

  2. I love the skirt! But can we talk a moment about the sweater/blouse? Because it is also amazing with its understated polka dots!

    I’m so glad you liked the pin – it looks fab on you!

  3. Oh my, that bon bon brooch is the cutest thing I have seen in some time! And that skirt is adorable as well, though it is a shame about the creasing. I too can never turn down anything cobalt, so I understand keeping it completely 🙂

  4. It’s a lovely skirt and you look great.

    The crease is probably caused by not enough wearable ease in the hip area – usually you allow 4 inches above measurements for “sitting” room. When you sit down, you create a curve in your figure, and it takes more fabric to move over a curve than a straight line. The crease goes away as you pull the skirt up because a skirt gets bigger as it goes down (especially one with a nice deep pleat or A – line) which means as you pull it up, you are moving a bigger piece of fabric into place. If it’s not uncomfortable I wouldn’t worry about it – you can hardly notice it.

    As a sewer I am always strive for perfect fit, and you know, perfect fit is not that perfect. It might be perfect when you are standing up, but not when you are sitting down or bending over. That’s the way it goes!

    1. Thanks for the advice Mary Nanna – it’s perfectly comfortable and doesn’t really bother me. It’s actually more noticeable in the photos than in real life, too, which makes me feel a bit better!

  5. The first thing I thought when I saw this is “To sir, with love”. Being a book girl you will know what I mean. Very 1960’s London.
    Gorgeous makeup.
    I always find that skirts are too tight around the hips and loose in the waist. When are they (clothing manufacturers) gonna learn about a woman’s body?

  6. Hey girl, please keep that lovely skirt pulled up a lil’ bit higher! The crease will vanish – as Mary Nanny said – , and please don’t worry about your knees showing (thanks for introducing us to them in your last pic) . They are absolutely perfect, lovely knees with just the right degree of cutie chubbyness, and they are outright adorable.
    Hugs, Lola (Greetings from rainy Germany!)

  7. I think we should just discuss how adorable you look in these shots. I am suffering from eyeliner envy – you look great. What a beautiful skirt! I see the crease, but I wouldn’t let it bother you. I agree with Cilla above, which is why I rarely buy skirts – they never fit in both places, just the hips usually. Bah.

  8. I love this! The colours are really nice together, I love the retro vibe. I would’ve totally kept the skirt, work with it, it’s a must have.

    1. Certainly do – they were called the Talamore, but they don’t seem to be on the site anymore. They’ve been great, but then most of my Duo Boots have been to tell you the truth 🙂

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