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You know that whole “What X would you want if you were stuck on a desert island” question? What book (Cold Comfort Farm), movie (Singing In the Rain), food (Greg Malouf’s salmon tarator)? Well, I think I can pretty confidently say that if I was limited to just the one single dress for the whole rest of my life, I would almost certainly choose the One Dress from Ever By X.

I’ve had a bunch of questions about it since I first posted about it in 2020 – which i definitely understand: at $360 it’s an investment piece.

An investment is what it is though. In the year since I’ve owned it I reckon I’ve worn it at least once a week, through hot weather and cold. It’s been covered in toddler grub, mud, cake batter, sun cream, sand, seawater, pool water, cat fur, and it always bounces back looking just like new. It washes in the machine, dries in five minutes on the hanger, can be stuffed into the smallest crevices of a suitcase and still come out un-creased.

So yes. If I had to pick one dress that I had to wear to every picnic, farmer’s market, pool party, wedding, funeral, job interview, fancy dinner, or movie date for the whole rest of my life it would be this one.

In autumn I wear it layered under a wooly knit with necklace for interest and the hem of the sweater tucked a little into the belt to give it a little shape. (Sweater: Tirelli / Shoes: Bared)
In winter when I need a bit of extra warmth I button it up to the neckline and wear it over thermal leggings and a long sleeved top. (leggings & top: Uniqlo / Shoes: Elk)
(If you have trouble buttoning the neck up you can try using a bar brooch like I have above, or you can stitch a length of ribbon on either side of the collar so you can tie it closed in a little bow)
This is tied in the “sheath” style – I usually wear it like this to office (shoes: Naturalizer)
I like that you can sub out the sash for your own belt. It’s a great way of injecting a little colour into the outfit. (belt: very old – I honestly can’t remember! / shoes: Seychelles / bangle: Dinosaur Designs)
As the “kaftan” style it’s perfect for really hot days and throwing over the top of swimmers on the way back from the pool. (sneakers: Airflex) not quite sure why my head’s so blurry here
With the right accessories, the “cape” style has a great boho vibe (hat: somewhere in Hawaii / belt: Princess Highway / boots: Ziera)
But the “cape” style really shines for fancy events too. It moves and flows beautifully as you walk, and the look is filled with drama (shoes: Rockport)
This is called the “soft cinch” – just blousing up the fabric over the belt a little shortens the hem, and changes the silhouette again (shoes: Rockport)
You can even wear it backwards for a really minimalist look! The line of tiny buttons creates a nice feature down your spine, and because of all the tiny pleats at the shoulders there’s still plenty of room for my full bust.

So there you have it: Nine different looks from one dress! And if you need some help understanding how to tie it I made an extremely awkward video, which you can watch here:

6 thoughts on “Desert Island Dress

  1. Hello from Ireland! My daughter (almost 7) and I love your style! I’m returning to work on Monday after being home with my kids for 10 ish years. Needed some inspiration for what to wear and you have given me so many idea. We are amazed at your talent for making clothes and your eye for putting outfits together. Many thanks, Ciara (Kira) and Ailbhe (Alva), Tramore, Waterford, Ireland

  2. I love the way you have styled this dress! It’s on my wish list but is a bit spendy for me. Seeing how you are wearing it makes me want to take the plunge. Thanks for all the ideas!

  3. This looks amazing on you! Is this the “regular” length or petite length? I’m thinking of pulling the trigger but usually prefer slightly shorter. Thanks!

  4. Hello from Brussels,
    Long time stalker here, I normally never post. This time, though, I would like to thank you so much for reposting about this dress. I saw your post last year (I think) about it, but didn’t manage to buy one then, as it was out of stock by the time I read your post! This time I didn’t hesitate, and was lucky, so now I am the happy owner of a black dress. It is faboulous! The only annoying thing was the customs fees, so I shall not get another colour, even though I am tempted!
    Best regards,

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