Wax On Wax Off


 Top: Katies

Tee: Gorman

Skirt: Prodigal Daughter

Shoes: Seychelles

In January when I posted about my first wax print skirt I mentioned that I’d bought a second skirt from Canberra-based company Prodigal Daughter. Well, here it is! Like the gorgeous full midi skirt that I bought previously from Anna Devine it’s a riot of bright colours and good quality cotton fabric.

This skirt is fully lined in cotton, giving it a bit more structure than the average pencil skirt. The size 16 that I bought is a snug fit, but there’s a slit at the back that makes it fine for striding about in.

I’m still struggling a bit with what to wear with my wax-print skirts. I don’t have a lot of plain coloured tops, and I’m not really confident enough in my pattern-matching skills to teams prints with prints. I decided to team this with my old gold polkadot tee from Gorman, and a navy tie-front cardigan from Katies.


The skirt is waistband-less, and pocket-less, with a sleek invisible zipper installed at the back. The minimalism suits the bold print, which is mirrored on the rear too.

It’s a great, bright piece that will inject a bit of colour into a grey day as the weather cools in Melbourne.

11 thoughts on “Wax On Wax Off

  1. Hi Lili,
    I felt I should say hi because I’ve seen some people recommending my brand PHO sizzle a few times now through back links. 😉
    I love Anna Devine’s stuff and I see her often at Rose St Market where I sell sometimes. Her squares of wax cotton that she sells are rad for making headwear. If you’re into wax homewares, B.Dakin has some awesome cushions and chairs: http://bdakin.com/ .
    In terms of what to wear with wax, I feel you – I made a post about it on my blog a while ago, it probably isn’t useful at all (and FWI, I think that skirt looks rad with that spotty top) but here’s the link: http://www.fashionpho.com/2014/10/26/how-to-wear-african-wax-cotton/

  2. Hi there , love the skirt!!! Is this the size you normally take ? I’m a sixteen going on 18 and unsure what size to order ? Any help would be appreciated 😕

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