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Over the last couple of years Asos has become a huge player in the fashion world in Australia. The combination of on-trend styles, affordable prices, a massive range, and free international shipping is obviously compelling.

Throw a reasonable size range into the mix, and a strong and ever-evolving plus size range in the Asos Curve line, and Asos has become one of my favourite places to shop online. The sizing can be a bit funky – I’d love to see the ability for customers to review items onsite – but the ability to do local returns has eliminated a lot of the risk that comes with online shopping for clothes.

They’ve had a few good sales in the lead-up to Christmas, and I’ve placed an order or two (or three) but my wishlist is ever full. There’s a number of really great plus size dresses in the Asos Curve section of the website at the moment (including some knockout formal gowns if you’re planning to attend a really fancy event over the holiday period).

Here’s what on my Lust List right now.



Sequin Kimono Maxi Dress

This navy blue gown is a show-stopper. The plunging neckline and kimono sleeves give the bodice an understated elegance, and the shimmering sequinned overlay makes it sparkle like the night sky. The back is open, which makes an amazing statement, but might require some imaginative bra wrangling for those of us who can’t do without. Make sure you watch the catwalk video for the full, glittery effect.


image1xxl-2Longsleeved Lace Bardot Midi Dress 

Holy moly, this dress! It’s only available in a size 24 at the moment (though the black and silver version is available 18-24) otherwise it would already be in my wardrobe. The bardot neckline over a sweetheart bodice, scalloped lace hem, illusion sleeves (this is a goodie if you’re shy about your arms), and can we talk about the colour? Phwoar.


Embellished Frocks


Heavily Embellished Mono Shift Dress

At AUD$270 this is one of the more expensive frocks in Asos’ Curve collection, but they don’t call it “Red Carpet” for nothing. On closer inspection the incredibly intricate detail on this frock is heavily beaded to absolutely devastating effect. The dress is fully lined, and has a perfectly simple silhouette to best showcase the beading. It’s not just on the front, either, the whole dress is embellished from cap sleeves to feature back.



Premium Embroidered Dress

If the $270 price point’s just a bit too much for you there’s a similar dress available in the “Premium” range – black, with a white lace overlay – but personally I prefer the mint incarnation as seen above. The colour is so fresh, it’s perfect for a fancy summer ‘do in Australia. There’s a lovely scalloped trim on hem, cuff and neckline, and it’s a relaxed fit that’s perfect for “apples” to show off their pins.

image1xxl-7V-Neck Dress with Sequin Skirt 

This is my favourite dress for New Year’s Eve right now, the deep-v neckline is super-sexy, and coupled with a sequin skirt that looks like glitter confetti, I am ALL OVER IT.


Printed Dresses


Mono Check Tunic Dress

I do like a good print, and this mod-style shift dress with a modern check print is pretty cute. I’m all shy and weird about my knees which makes this a smidgen too short, but I’d wear it with opaque tights in a heartbeat.



Curve Midi Dress in Check Print

More checks, but how amazing is the colour? The ruching under the bust line means that this dress would be a great fit on someone busty, and there’s pockets (hell yeah!). It’s on sale at the moment, but it’s only available in a size 18, so if you like it you should snap it up quickly!.



Bodycon Dress in Spot with Cross Back

Polkadots. Feature back. Bodycon. This dress is equal parts fun, and super sexy (though I’m a bit suspicious that the fabric looks a bit sheer in the product shots). These larger polkadots are great on fuller figures, and look smashingly defined, even from a distance.


image1xxl-6Exclusive Midi Dress in Stripe

Confession: Today was the hottest day we’ve had in Melbourne for a long time – it seems like maybe summer’s decided to finally grace us with her presence – and everyone was walking around in boob tubes and spaghetti straps. I love the casual-strapless look that so many women seem to be able to pull off, but I’ve never managed to make strapless look laid-back. This dress looks like it could be a good option – the blouson style and beachy stripes make it look fresh and comfortable, and the straps look they’d be in the right position to mask your bra straps if you can’t bear the thought of a strapless.




Exclusive One Shoulder Dress

This dress is understated elegance personified. The draped tulip hemline plays up your curves, and the one-shoulder neckline is a really classy way of flashing some skin without being overt. I think this looks like a great New Year’s dress, too, and I’d play it up with some really blingy earrings, maybe a sparkly bangle or cuff, and some sky-high heels (so a New Year’s party with plenty of seating)



Exclusive Skater Dress with Tutu Skirt

The frustrated ballerina in me loves this dress. Truly, madly, deeply. I’ve been lusting after a tutu for some time, but I’ve never really quite known how I’d wear it for day to day use. This is perfection. The strappy jersey singlet plays down the glam factor, the little pouf of fabric at the elastic waist saves it from being too balletic, and the skirt has just enough volume to be swooshy without being OTT. I want to wear it and sashay around in it with a messy bun and perky little boobs just like the model. I’m interested to know if it’d suit someone a little more… endowed. Interested enough to buy? Maybe. Probably.


Is there anything on Asos that’s caught your eye lately? What’s on your wishlist right now?  Or are you like me, buying up big every time they give you a discount code?

22 thoughts on “Lust List: Asos Curved

  1. Hi Lilli, OMG that sequin dress. To die for. I’m pretty sure I have the black and silver version of the red dress from Modcloth rather than Asos. Let me know if you’d like me to do a check measure. Catherine

  2. Had to giggle… the music for the black & silver version of the red dress was “NYC Time” by Petite Miller. As the lyrics go “I feel the magic… ” So true! Stunning dresses!! Thanks Lilli. Im always scouring ASOS Curve for nice outfits as my new workplace have lots of fancy celebrations. Its hard when a girl should never be seen twice in the same outfit!

  3. I bought the lace Bardot midi dress but had to return it. Very disappointed at how incredibly scratchy the lace was. Not soft at all as it appears to be from the pictures but stiff and almost painful to wear. So sad as it looked beautiful but was just too uncomfortable.

  4. I have the green check dress and it is very big in the bust and I’m chesty?

    Ended up having to stitch up the front so it would fit properly. Love the style, very comfy but also I wear it with a slip cause it gets clings around your legs due the fabric.

  5. LOVED the polka-dot bodycon dress & went to buy it on the spot ($54! So cheap!) but it STARTS in an 18…not so good for the 14-16s among us – will have to check out the rest of their range! 🙂

  6. Gorgeous choices. Timely for me as I have just received an invite to a formal wedding. I seem to have “outgrown” my old dressy frocks, so may have to look at a new option. Must say that I’m liking the Curve range more than the standard range (bummer as I don’t fit curve sizes)

  7. That mint-y green dress with the illusion sleeves. GAH!

    That red lace dress. HOT DAMN!

    The sequinned skirt dress. SO CUTE

    But that blue, kimono, sequined, maxi dress is giving me pause. I’m going on a cruise in February, and while I have a few dresses already purchased (7 day cruise = 2 ‘formal’ nights), that blue dress is a total stunner. Way to be sexy without showing a ton of skin! (Yes, I know it’s backless, but to me that’s OK.)

    I am seriously considering purchasing that blue maxi dress. Seriously. ASOS should be giving you some serious kick-backs for all the love you’re showing them (and all the lust you’re inspiring at the hands of their killer dress selection).

  8. Hello hon!
    I have the black ballerina and it’s lovely. I got the 18 and my F boobs look great. I wore it with a vintage lace shawl to a party and got lots of compliments. I didn’t feel silly in the tutu……it’s understated and because the top is a very simple Jersey singlet you can wear it a variety of ways.

  9. Just a heads up – I bought that tutu dress & then immediately returned it! The picture is a lot better than the execution, I think. Because of how the jersey top met the tutu, it created this wide-waist effect, and ended up looking sort of loose and boxy all around. I love love loved the way it looked on the website, but it was not particularly flattering.

  10. With that sequined skirt dress, I would either need to put in a kick-slit, or get it shortened slightly so the hem is above the knee. (Or both: kick-slit and shortened hem.)

  11. The beaded dress is killing me, but I just can’t spend the $300CDN that it costs…. but I LOVE IT to death!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I have that little mint green number, and as a true apple with a well endowed bust, I can vouch for it’s awesome figure-flattering elegance AND wow appeal. I wore it to a wedding recently and received so many compliments. Definitely a winner, and quality construction.

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