Town and Country

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 Cardigan: Glassons

Top: Uniqlo

Trousers: Lagamta

Boots Miz Mooz

It’s been a while since I reviewed my first piece from the Lithuanian fashion company Lagamta, but I mentioned in my previous post that I’d also received a pair of custom-sized trousers. These are them, the “Frostbitten” wool trousers.

Like my Fireside dress, it’s been made beautifully from a herringbone wool blend. Also like the dress, the trousers are unlined, so I’ve layered them over a pair of tights.

They’re a cunning cut, based on a pair of traditional riding breeches, with deep pockets and pleated folds at the hips which create a bit of a draped effect.

The legs are tapered, and the designers give each size a corresponding calf measurement (hurrah!) and add on their blog post that if your measurement exceeded that, then they would alter the fit accordingly.

I think they’re a style that probably would suit a taller lady better than they do me, but there’s a nice country-casual feel to them. I wore them on my trip down to Rye a few weeks ago, and they felt like the perfect weekend wear for tramping around the countryside, then curling up in front of a wood stove in the evening with a mug of hot chocolate.

9 thoughts on “Town and Country

  1. Those are the kind of pants I always dream of pulling off – slouchy but not baggy, classic but comfy. But since I’m 5’2″, it’s just not to be. Those look great on you, but I agree that they might work better on a taller lady. And is there anyone local who might be able to line the Lagamta pieces? Just a thought.

    1. The dress slightly less so, but the trousers… oh yes. I definitely needed the tights. I haven’t tried washing them though, it might make all the difference.

  2. I think the outfit looks fabulous! Love it! Was looking at the Lagatma website just last week as I favourited them after your first post 🙂

  3. Taller people have all the luck! I think these actually look relaxed and stylish but I always figure extra height helps ….at 5 foot 3 and a half I don’t half it! I think this looks perfect country style- u look like you’re comfortable but incredibly sophisticated like old English dames have- I think you’ve pulled this one off beautifully!

  4. Looking into my fall and winter wardrobe, where online can I find trousers like these that are not made of wool?


  5. This is a great look! i would love to wear this trousers but the wool…..have you seen any similar trousers in a more comfortable, none-itchy fabric?

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