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 Dress: Lagamta

Shoes: Gorman (similar here)

Of all the seasons I like autumn the best. It probably comes from growing up in Canberra, where they really do do the best autumns: A temperature cold enough to cut, but the air will be absolutely still with a perfect blue sky high above.

Melbourne’s only turned on a few of cold clear autumn days since I moved here ten years ago. It tends to be a greyer, damper affair than up in my home town. But I still love it.

I love dusting off my boots and cardigans. Tights, jackets. Cold enough to warrant a quilt on the bed, but not bone chill enough to make it (more!) difficult to get up in the morning.

This year I’ve been looking forward to autumn because the lovely ladies at Lagamta had sent me a couple of pieces from their Lines: Winter Collection.

The two women behind the Lithuania-based Lagamta are Siga and Jurga, and their friendship – and eventually business partnership – began when Siga came to Jurga to have her wedding dress made.

The motto of the company is Clothing items, made with love, from the very best materials. To be worn proudly which is something I wholeheartedly endorse.

Reading their blog gave me a little more insight into the company and their ethical business practices. They’re conscious and aware of where their materials come from – right down the thread and buttons. When Lithuanian linen proved impossible to find (the last Lithuanian farmer stopped growing it seven years ago) Jurga and Siga sourced fabric that had been woven in Lithuania from raw materials grown elsewhere in Europe. They do this to limit the carbon footprint that their business holds. They have not lined their winter items for the same reason – unable to find a lining fabric that fit with their stringent boundaries (cotton production is notoriously bad for the environment) they chose to leave the garments unlined, and suggest that people wear a slip if they’re sensitive to wool (I am, so I do).


The dress that I chose to try is the Fireside Wool Dress which has been designed for snuggling and comfort. It’s loose-fitting, but hardly shapeless, with a defined waist created by some very clever geometric seaming that both conceals and makes a feature of a pair of deep and practical pockets.


The sleeves are probably a little bit wide for my taste, but cuffing takes a lot of the volume out of them.

The soft folded neckline is a really gorgeous feature of this dress. Equally casual and chic, it somehow manages to make my short (I’ll freely admit it) neck look vaguely swanlike, and provides a beautiful frame for collarbones.

DSCF5083 - Version 2

The fabric is an 80% wool blend with a very fine herringbone weave. It’s not too scratchy, but I did choose to wear a slip underneath it. I got the XXL because I liked the look with a bit of volume. Jurga makes each piece to order I believe, so you just need to get in contact with them and let them know if you have special requirements (I also got a pair of trousers, gave them a heads-up about my gigantic calves, and the resulting pants fit beautifully)

They’ve just released their spring/summer collection as well, for those of you heading into the warmer months.

27 thoughts on “Favourite Season

  1. Hmm. I saw that dress come out of the parcel and thought it looked rather utilitarian. But with you in plus those shoes it looks lovely. Does it irritate the skin on your neck though?

  2. Hi Lilli, I know you said you wanted some volume however the dress does actually look a tad big on you. Kudos to the designers for sticking to their guns regarding fabrics, it must be really difficult to find good variety to choose from!

    1. I think it’s definitely too big around the underarms and torso – probably down to the fact that I have a narrow ribcage combined with big norks! The bottom half is actually perfect – I probably couldn’t have gone any smaller.

  3. Gorgeous, sublime dress! However disappointing that it’s not lined. I feel itchy just looking at you. What kind of slip are you wearing?

    1. Hi Sarah – yeah, the lack of lining surprised me when the garments arrived. So much care had been put into making them and finishing them that I just assumed they’d be lined. I understood after I’d read their blog post though.
      I’m just wearing a little dress slip that I bought from Myer a while ago. It’s a pretty handy thing to have anyway – always gives a nicer line under dresses.
      Not sure how I’m going to swing the trousers though…

  4. This looks gorgeous but I agree re itchy just looking at it! It does look so comforting and yet stylish- a perfect combo that’s so hard to achieve. I want to see these pants as in the site they look gorgeous but I want to see them on you! Ps those shoes are so versatile!

    1. They were at one of the London Markets this weekend, Claire! Make sure you keep tabs on their Facebook, and you might be able to take a look at their line in person

    1. Hi Tiya,
      I think it’s probably because it’s quite big in the shoulders. I actually thought the bottom half fitted perfectly, but the wide sleeves make the upper half look a bit too big.

  5. It looks gorgeous and I love the pop of colour the shoes give the outfit!

    Has the pusscat come back to live with you yet?

    Hope you’re doing ok x

    1. Thanks AJ. She has, my little darling, and it makes all the difference – just coming home to someone who loves me and is happy to see me, and wants to be with me.

  6. I love how you popped some colour with the shoes! Love the lines of this dress, beautiful. I love autumn too, but on my side of the world we are FINALLY moving into spring after a llllooonnnggg winter 🙂

  7. I love this on you! Even if it is a tad big, I think it looks stylishly roomy, not too big. I always hate that anyone who isn’t a size 8 or below is urged to wear things as tailored as possible to “look smaller” – roomy/slouchy stuff looks good on us larger girls too! And those shoes are *killer*. I love this whole look! Also, hooray for The Return of The Kittycat! 🙂

  8. LOL – I wasn’t surprised to read that this a European design, that’s exactly what I thought when I saw it! Swiss and Scandi designers do a lot of this clever cut/drape. Comfortable, no doubt, though I’d like to see it shorter on you, brrrr to no lining 🙁 but fine as it goes. To be honest, I prefer the more fitted looks for your (and my!) figure…
    This is one of those looks I’d love to be able to wear, but the reality is – it doesn’t really work to my eye if you’re not very slim underneath (in my view). I’m not trying to be nasty, just constructive, so hope no offence! x Obviously, opinions will differ.

  9. Hmmm, wool trousers without lining? I feel itchy just reading about that! Great dress to show off your shoes. Do you have any accessories in mind to wear with it on future occasions?

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