Twin Peaks

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Top: Friends of Couture (now Princess Highway)

Skirt: Ivanka Trump

Tights: Sonsee Woman

Shoes: Aerosoles

Many years ago I missed out on one of the great cultural zeitgeist moments of my generation.

In 1990 when the TV show Twin Peaks hit the screens I was twelve years old: My parents had just split up, and I was starting high school in an unfamiliar new neighbourhood. I had been a keen student at primary school, friendly with teachers and shy with strangers; I was feeling very much the fish out of water – inexperienced enough to wear the uniform to the first day of school, and foolish enough to think if I was nice to people, they would be nice back.

And I, um, developed early.

The combination of posh, square, timid and STACKED (for my age) proved to be too much fodder for some of the rougher young men in my grade, and with the popularity of David Lynch’s new series I scored an obvious new nickname pretty quickly.

Unsurprisingly it turned me right off watching the seminal series.

Recently The Sophisticate decided that my wilful ignorance as to “who Killed Laura Palmer” had gone on long enough, and since I arrived we’ve been gradually working our way through the series.

I have to admit it’s pretty good, in a part-hilarious-part-compelling-all-weird kind of way, and some of the preppy fifties-cum-eighties fashion has caught my attention.

I bought this little pleated skirt at Macy’s big one-day sale (which has been going for a few weeks, as far as I can tell), and while I would normally avoid anything with the Trump name attached I tried this on and fell in love with it before realising what the label was.

The skirt’s got a lovely fit (I bought the 14) – fitted to the hips before falling away in knife-edge pleats. The fabric’s a silky polyester with a decent amount of weight. It’s swooshes most satisfactorily when I swing my hips.


Of course, that’s still snow under my boots, so under the Sonsee tights I’ve got thermal leggings on. And you should probably get used to seeing these boots. They’re the Duble Trouble ankle boot from Aerosoles, and they’re the most comfortable shoes I think I’ve ever worn.


They’re not my usual style at all, but I’ve discovered that in a lot of American shoe shops when a salesperson comes back with the shoes you’ve asked for in your size they’ll often also bring a few other pairs they thought you “might like”. I didn’t like these at all…. until I tried them on. Then YUM. They’re soft, incredibly flexible, and have good grip which is invaluable when you’re picking your way over icy pavements.

Of course the great irony of blogging my fashion in New York is that 90% of the time I actually look like this:


THIS is the favourite item in my wardrobe right now, a big down-filled, fur-trimmed coat from Canada Goose, which The Sophisticate bought for me when I arrived, and thank God for that, because when the top temperature is forecast to be minus five even I would rather be warm than look like a fashion plate.


14 thoughts on “Twin Peaks

  1. Years ago I did one of those online quizzes ‘which twin peaks character are you?’ and I got Log Lady. Since then I’ve been a little upset with Twin Peaks too. (But not for long, that show is freaking awesome).

  2. For starters I love your outfit.And all that fur around your face makes you look like a happy kitten 😛 I too missed out on Twin Peaks( being in India where they haven’t telecast the show ever) and am actually in the process of watching it this weekend.My husband decided it was too good to be missed and ordered it on Amazon.What a coincidence!

  3. I think this post is a big coincidence, too, because I just added “Twin Peaks” to my Netflix queue. I am older than you (I was in high school during its original run), but I missed it due to being super busy in school and not really being interested in television. You are adorable in the big fluffy coat! Your little teeny nose peeking out is super cute.

  4. Love this whole outfit! That green is so fresh and pretty- I have a country road pussy bow top in that color! You do cold cold cold winter dressing so stylish! Flouncy swishy skirts make everything fun and flirty!!!

  5. Winking hooter and Twin Peaks? I see a theme developing! Hehehe
    I love the headshot of your furry hood, it’s perfect!
    And I missed Twin Peaks as well, I best get a wriggle on and get up to speed! 🙂

  6. This outfit looks great on you, I’ll have to try something like this myself even though I don’t usually do high necks. And the jacket- I have a very similar one from North Face. It looks like a duvet, but I really don’t care when that cold wind starts blowing because it is the ONLY thing that can keep me warm in February.

  7. I missed Twin Peaks the first time around too – I think we are about the same age and I just wasn’t into it at twelve or so. My husband bought the boxed set to remedy that but I have to say, while the first season was engrossing, the second was too, well, David lynch. Like, who is that and why are they doing that?

  8. I was loving this post SO much until you got to the fur part 🙁 now I am sad. I don’t dig fur at all, sorry. Nor down, which is also in the coat. Bummer.

    1. Hi Sami, I understand completely. I normally wouldn’t advocate the use of fur for fashion in any sense, but unfortunately when it comes to really heavy duty coats there isn’t really a synthetic alternative to down. Polyester fills aren’t as effective, are heavier, stiffer, and don’t last as long (hopefully this is the only winter coat I’ll ever have to buy). The fur trim isn’t for aesthetic reasons – it’s to keep the wind out, and they use coyote fur because it doesn’t hold moisture and it doesn’t freeze the way synthetic furs do. For what it’s worth Canada Goose actually has a really decent track record on animal rights. You can read their policy here: but to summarize they use down that is a by-product of the Canadian poultry industry, and the fur is sourced from certified trappers who abide by the International Humane Trapping Standards.

      1. Thanks for responding (and so graciously too). I get it, to a point- lots of people wear leather as well and it’s a choice we all make. I am glad at least that you are informed, and that your coat uses some of the less-bad methods. I will just forever be a hippie about these things I suppose. I am that tragic person that doesn’t even kill spiders or flies.
        Sorry for being a downer (pun not intended)! I really do hope you have a lovely time in New York. And I really loved the skirt and top.

  9. I love that skirt and it’s swooshyness. I wish it was only -5! I would be wearing a spring jacket! It’s -36 where I am right now and I’m finding it really hard to feel like getting dressed prettily!

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