The Winking Hooter

DSCF0006_2 DSCF0007_2 DSCF0008_2 DSCF0010_2 Shirt: Victoria’s Secret

Sweater: Maison Jules 

Jeans: Old Navy

Shoes: Rieker

Hello, finally, from NYC!

How do you like my new wall? Natural light! The outdoors! Do I look cold? I’m pretty cold.

Here’s some New York life lessons that I’ve learned since landing a few weeks ago:

1. Snow is only pretty the day it snows. On the second day it looks revolting. By the third it’s downright dangerous.

2. Don’t judge the temperature until you know what the wind’s doing.

3. It’s easier to STAY warm than to GET warm.

4. Earmuffs are everything I ever dreamt they would be.

The Sophisticate was right when he said nothing that I had in my wardrobe would be warm enough for New York. Fortunately for me I landed right in time for Black Friday and the big pre-Christmas sales, so I got to take the opportunity to snaffle up some good deals while stocking up my winter wardrobe.

I bought another pair of my favourite Rockstar skinny jeans from Old Navy, and this adorable cashmere sweater from Maison Jules at Macy’s. It’s scrumptiously soft, in a heathered grey yarn with an intarsia pattern of an owl with an embroidered pink beak. It’s been dubbed my “winking hooters” sweater, which The Sophisticate thinks is a) hilarious and b) a great name for a bar.

I wore it out over the weekend when The Sophisticate and I joined some friends to see the Dutch Masters exhibition at the Frick Museum. It was a joy to see The Girl With The Pearl Earring in person, and the rest of the museum was a real pleasure to explore as well.

18 thoughts on “The Winking Hooter

  1. Super cute sweater. The Winking Hooter should definitely be a cocktail at the very least – if only to tease the cute barmen when ordering it. I too know the bitterness of a NY winter – no doubt you have also experienced the joys of constant fog/defog of your lenses as well LOL

    1. LOL, yes! My lens cloth is getting a good workout!
      I think The Winking Hooter needs to have a cherry in it…. I’ll have to find an inventive bartender somewhere and see if they can whip one up for me 🙂

  2. If you don’t mind me asking, what size and length jeans have you purchased? I think I would be of a similar size. Do they ship to Australia?

  3. So have you relocated to NYC … or visiting? I’m wondering if (gasp) I missed a post somewhere along the way ….

    Outfit looks fab

    Have a great winter christmas

  4. I lurk a lot but rarely comment – but it brings me such joy to see you look so happy, and write about going places and doings things with the Sophisticate again. A magical Christmas is incoming I suspect! xx

  5. Your plait really suits you! And like other commenters, I’m delighted that you’re able to spend Christmas with the Sophisticate (in the snow, no less!). Love the winking hooter, too 🙂

    1. Ah, thanks Catherine! Because I’m wearing coats with hoods and hats all the time I’ve discovered I need to keep my hair up or else it’s a matted mess by the end of the day! All these exciting new things I’m discovering since landing in freezing New York!

  6. So jealous of you having a white Christmas, but happy you’re with your man – you look very pleased (and why not? that sweater is too cute!). Merry Christmas!

  7. I dont think Ive ever commented before, but ive followed you for a long time. Honestly i had been worried about you, but i was truly thrilled to see recent photos in new york of you looking so happy and healthy. I hope you enjoy your new york break and that you can do something that makes your eyes sparkle like this all the time.

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