Denim and Dots

DSCF2663_2 DSCF2667 DSCF2673_2DSCF2678_2

Top: Big W

Jacket: Embody Denim

Belt: Asos

Skirt: YesStyle

Shoes: Chie Mihara

Woohoo! I finally bought myself a tripod today, so I should be able to start blogging some more recent outfit shots soon, but first here’s another of my pending posts from Melbourne.

If I’m being perfectly honest, I’ve never really been a denim jacket kind of girl. Generally speaking they’re are very casual and a little shapeless; and with my narrow shoulders and full bust I find that most of the time they make me look butch and masculine. Plus, I can never figure out what I’m supposed to wear them with: To me “casual” means “jeans”, but I’m pathologically afraid of double denim, so I’d never wear a denim jacket with denim jeans.

However, every rule has an exception, and Embody’s “Embrace” denim jacket seems to buck the trend of shapeless, androgynous denim jackets.

It has a curvy silhouette emphasised by a heavily panelled design that is reminiscent of a gored skirt. The mandarin collar and curved pockets lends it an elegance that’s lacking in traditional denim jackets.

I teamed it with my Yesstyle skirt to give the sweetness-and-light combo of pink polkadots and tulle a bit more of a edge.

The shoulders still sit a little broad for me, and the jacket doesn’t really work as well done up (but that’s probably my Rack O Doom). The pale “vintage” blue is a good hue to team with summer dresses as a cover-up in the evening, but the jacket’s also available in an Ink colour that would work in the colder months.

DSCF2671Necklace: Made By Emily Green

Also new in today’s post – I finally managed to make a decision on which of the delicious Made By Emily Green polymer bead necklaces I was going to make my own!

I snaffled up this beauty at the last Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne, and I’m beyond delighted. The black and white woven cord, brass and wooden elements, and patterned and glitter enhanced beads makes it very different from my own slightly bodgy DIY‘d take on her traditional bead necklaces. I like that her styles are developing and evolving, and they way she puts colours together is awe inspiring.


30 thoughts on “Denim and Dots

  1. Don’t thing that jacket does much for your silhouette, TBH. When you compare the outfit with the previous one you shot, it is easy to see the style your figure suits.

    BTW, you are such a beautiful looking young woman, any chance of getting a real snazzy hair chop in NY, with one of the top notch stylist?? It would absolutely make you, IMO!!!!!!!!


    1. Oh, I’d love to Mel! At the moment I’m not earning anything so I’m counting my pennies pretty carefully (literally pennies, which makes me laugh; we don’t have them in Australia)
      Hopefully before too long I can go in and get a proper cut though 🙂 In the meanwhile I’m putting my hair up a lot… it’s like an extra hat keeping my head warm!

  2. I met your blog for a long time, now I’m just commenting to say … I love when you have new post, and you are very beautiful!
    You know I’m overweight, and I face many difficulties to dress … need to look seamstresses … actually will need to learn to make clothes, I already sew, only lack the courage to start, and lose the fear of ruining fabrics!
    I’m from Brazil … bad English … Google Translator save!

    1. Hi Luciana,
      Hello Brazil from New York! Thank you for your kind compliments, I’m really happy you’re enjoying reading! I know the feeling of having difficulty finding clothes, could you maybe take a class in sewing?

      1. Yes .. I’ve done, but buy beautiful fabrics and I’m afraid to finish them, then I end up opting for professional … but one day I will for sure! Ok I’ll tell you!

  3. I bought myself a denim jacket very recently, too, and although it’s been great to wear to appointments and shopping in the city, it does feel limited. I’ve got my eye on an edgier, but more versatile I think, pleather jacket. I just wish it wasn’t summer. 😀

    You look gorgeous, as always!

  4. Complimenti! Sempre particolarissima e di ispirazione. È un grande dono (o conquista) essere unica e indipendente.

  5. That’s skirt’s adorable, I’ve been looking for something like it! On the sizing, it says 74cm waist for XL: is that the total circumference, or is that just the width lying flat, do you know? The sizing guide on the site is a little…unhelpful.

    1. Hi Shannon, it’s 74cm’s un-stretched for the full circumference. At full stretch it goes to 100cms. I have a 36″ waist, so I thought I’d risk it, and it fits (just!).

  6. I love a denim jacket. I wear a lot of dresses (both in summer and winter) and I like the way denim looks with my dresses. I’m soon to be on the hunt for a new one though – I have the opposite trouble to you though as I have broad shoulders.

  7. Hmm. I think it’s just that you are not really a denim jacket kind of gal. And neither is anything in your wardrobe…

  8. I almost gave in the the big design market and bought an Emily green necklace- I’ve been looking for about 5 years…but just don’t seem to ever commit! It looks lovely! And the flowy floaty skirt looks lovely with the tailored yet casual denim jacket!

  9. The whole outfit is lovely! I really really love the jacket! I too have the same problem with denim jackets. i have one which whenever I wear it I hate the way I look in it! Evans did a lovely fitted one last summer but it sold out in my size in seconds. There is currently a bomber quilted type one on sale at ASOS which is permentally in my basket. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and buy it?

    I’m looking forward to seeing your winter outfits now you’re on the same side of the hempishere to me.

  10. Hiya! I loved this outfit in your earlier blog but dont think the jacket really works with it.Maybe you could try teaming the jacket with a good ol pair of jeans and tee and see if it works.

    1. Whoops! Missed the part where U said U didnt want to do the double denim thing…How about teaming the jacket with a more form fitting skirt?

  11. Really like the collar on the jacket! I still have a denim jacket that I got when I was leaving home to go to college when I was 19 – I wore it all the time with everything and even though it’s not my style anymore I’m holding on to it until the day I want to wear it again 🙂

    1. Oh, I do that too, Catherine! I have this lovely little sheer jacket thing that I used to wear as a teenager. I’m WAY too big for it now, but I hold on to it, just in case.

  12. I like the cut and collar on this jacket, it has a bit of a 1970s feel. I have a cutesy crop demin jacket I got a while back from Crossroads, but it’s a bit shabby now. I’ve been on the hunt to replace it and haven’t had much luck. And I’m not a fan of the traditional ‘cowboy’ style jacket AND not a fan of chambray which seems to be everywhere. Fussy, fussy, fussy! 😛 I think this jacket could look really good with a pencil skirt and boots too. Perfect for a NYC Winter? 🙂

    1. Not fussy, Alison! I always like to applaud people with a definitive sense of what they do and don’t like (and I’m not a big fan on Chambray myself!)
      DEFINITELY not warm enough for a NY winter though! I’m getting about in the coat equivalent of a doona… it has a coyote fur hood and everything. I look like an Inuit.

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