13 thoughts on “Thighs The Limit

  1. I’ve seen these elsewhere and was curious. I’ve also got the Luvees shorts and find those to be most comfortable. One problem that I’ve found, with cotton shorts, Luvees and leggings paired with pencil skirts (an occasionally others) is that the fabric of the skirt “crawls” up the legs of the underpinnings and thus flashing them. I’m wondering if you ever experience this and if this product is better than others? Thx.

  2. Really interested in these! I only ever get chaffing on my right thigh, presumably because each thigh is a different shape and this one has a particularly flabby inside leg!

    I wonder if they would work if you just wore them on one leg? Sometimes I feel with comfort shorts that the material on each leg rubs together creating (a) noise and (b) the fabric creeps up and becomes uncomfortable.

  3. Ohhh…I had no idea about those cute little Bandlettes. I am actually dreading summer now as I can’t stand to not be wearing my girdle and stockings. I don’t cope well in the heat as it is 🙁 let alone adding another layer.

  4. OMG! I was considering sending you an email asking about those! I think I’m ordering mine today!! 😀

  5. Awesome! I have some spanx that are like bike shorts, but with silicone elastic so they don’t roll up. They definitely don’t roll up, but my belly hurts after wearing them all day! Will definitely buy some when I start my new job.

  6. Wow these are a rather sexy alternative to bike shorts!! I’ve been waiting for this review since u posted them on Pinterest. I might have to get some for summer!

  7. I have been waiting patiently for your review since I saw these things AGES ago. I will def be ordering some now, they seem like such an excellent idea i was just waiting for somebody i trust to try them out. Thank you!

  8. My main problem is that I like cycling in dresses and skirts and want to find something to wear underneath that 1) will preserve my modesty and 2) looks nicer than bike shorts! I was at a flea market the other day and was seriously considering some antique cotton and lace underwear that came to above the knee 🙂 Any suggestions?

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