5 thoughts on “Plus-size Fashion Out of Season

  1. Another fantastic article. Buying online off season is the best. We always do that with the girls coats – we can hardly ever find decent kids winter coats here, and if we do they are stupidly expensive. Buying overseas during their sales always is a winner.

    Even etsy seems to be cheaper …

  2. Oh dear, I’ve just started reading your blog (I LOVE it and I love your style) and I’ve just read your article for The Guardian and ended up on one of the sites you’ve mentioned and now my credit card is very fatigued. Whoops!

  3. I’d never considered purchasing out of season from overseas! What a great idea. Thanks for the article. And that outfit is simply adorable.

  4. Long-time reader of the blog, first time commenter. I decided to try out 17 Sundays based on this post and I am so thrilled to have discovered a new place to shop. Their shipping to the U.S. was super fast and the garments I got are great. Thanks so much for writing something like this–it was a great starting point and gave me the confidence to shop even from so far away. The internet is an amazing thing sometimes! 🙂

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