Resounding Meh

P1020830_2Dress: Asos

Shoes: Wittner

OK. So I think we’ve established that I have roughly zero self-control when it comes to pretty frocks, so it really shouldn’t come as any great surprise to see me wearing the dress I told you I REALLY DIDN’T NEED TO BUY a few posts ago. All it takes is a well-timed discount code, and I tumble off the wagon with enthusiasm.

It seems though that my first instinct – “Lilli, you REALLY ought not buy this dress” – was the correct one after all.

I mean, completely apart from the fact that I’m moving and I just had a mega clear-out so I DIDN’T have to hire a removalist truck for my wardrobe alone; the dress really isn’t 100% the winner I thought it would be.

But let’s start with the good.

Obviously the skirt isn’t two inches long. It hits the tops of my knees, and is actually quite a flirty length, but avoids showing so much of my thighs that I feel self conscious. The skirt IS layered, and the bottom layer provides a nice bit of volume to foof the skirt out.


The fabric is gorgeous – the sketchy plaid almost seems to be woven into the slightly textured fabric, rather than printed on top.


The whole dress feels like it’s excellent quality. Well finished, with good heft to the fabric, and a classic design.

But it just doesn’t fit right.

It seems to be a “Curve” exclusive, but I’ve found that the sizes inΒ Asos‘s plus size division are often all over the place. I definitely needed a size down in the bust and waist; as you can see I’ve got a couple of inches to spare on the sides.


The neckline is very high, and makes my boobs look a bit droopy.


Β Because the bodice is too big it gapes at the sides and flashes my bra.



But apart from that it’s a pretty awesome…. I think with a tighter fit in the bodice, and a lower neckline it would have been a winner.



The alterations are too advanced for me to handle, so I guess the question is: do I shell out the extra money to get it tailored, or do I return it for a refund?


42 thoughts on “Resounding Meh

  1. I say return it. I am glad you modeled it though, because I was going to buy it! And it does nothing for me, once seeing it on a normal body. Don’t get me wrong you are adorable, the dress is not. Save your pennies.

  2. Refund. Too much work. And I don’t see it aging so well. Style-wise. I just don’t see the potential. So yeah,”voice of reason”.

  3. I think you look super cute it it. As a fellow busty gal, I often find taking in the shoulder seam on an angle towards the armhole helps eliminate the side gape without leaving me choking on a shortened neckline…

    I’m moving very shortly too. I feel the wardrobe cull pain πŸ™

  4. I would return it as well. I feel that even WITH the alterations, it’s still going to be a bad fit. The proportions are off– I think even altering it won’t change that.

    Plus, you didn’t need it to begin with, huh? πŸ˜€

    1. i totally agree, the fit isn’t really flattering and even if the pattern is kinda atomic like it’s a little bit aggressive. Too much work for an ASOS dress.

  5. I really like the pattern but I think I would return it: if it’s a choice between spending money to alter the dress into something that’s wearable versus returning it and getting something else that’s just right, I’ll always go for the latter!

  6. Like Siggy mentioned, I think a cardi and a belt would help, but overall I am going to join the consensus and say return it.

  7. KEEP IT! Buying clothes isn’t always about need, sometimes it’s about desire. I love the way a new garment feels, smells, and looks; even when they’re to big. In fact, I always buy clothes a bit to large. I like to have custom alterations done so they look as if they were “made” just for me.

  8. Return it. Only because I find good tailors in Australia to be very expensive. The other option is to sell it on eBay. I find that if a dress is heavier than 500g the loss in the cost to return it to the UK (if you use pack & track) is more than the loss of selling on eBay. I’ve actually stopped ordering from ASOS unless I know the brand (i.e. Warehouse) as my success rate in quality/fit of clothes was only about 6:1!

  9. I happen to love it. I’ve heard that ASOS exchanges aren’t too painful. I’ve been eyeing it myself, but I’m still afraid it will be too short. Could you please let me know how tall you are?

  10. I’ll vote with the ‘return it’ group!
    But what I really wanted to comment on was your comment about the neckline. I never like that style of neckline on myself – as a ‘well-endowed’ girl I feel that I just look all boob, and not in a good way! A wide,vast, plain of fabric AND a mono boob effect to top it off! (not saying it looks like rhat in you though!) And it does seem to highlight the effects of gravity as well – I’m kind of glad to hear you had the same issue, because I thought perhaps it WAS that things were sagging – now I can assure myself it’s just an optical illusion! And avoid that neckline in the future!

  11. I was just recieved a structured dolly skater dress from ASOS and the square neck is so low all my bra is completely on display.
    Those dresses get me every single time and all I seem to have are a bunch of poor fitting frocks, when I should have a few awesome ones. So in the nicest possible way – return it honey. It will never be quite right.
    My orders from ASOS are now only for the jersey dresses. They seem to fit quite well thanks to the material.
    …..and when ASOS get with the times and model the dresses on proper plus size women we will never be able to see how the dress will sit. A ten foot skinny amazon is not my body.

  12. Return it. Re-sell it. Other than the issues you mentioned, the proportions just aren’t right. Get something that makes you feel “WOW”! “Meh” just isn’t good enough.

  13. Return it. Cooler weather is just around the corner. Use the refund or credit to buy something more appropriate.

  14. Return it – as someone said above, the proportions are wrong and I suspect alterations will leave you disappointed, and poorer. I’m actually a bit surprised that no one has pointed out that the bottom hem of the skirt with the underlayer poking out – though intentional, looks a bit messy, especially with the proportions of the garment. You have so many lovely things that there is no need to keep something that’s not quite right!!

  15. Sorry, but I would definitely return it. I agree with other comments that the fit is not flattering and proportions are all off. Also, I just do not like the pattern. There is a large line of the plaid going horizontally across the chest that makes you look so much larger than you are. And somehow, this dress (perhaps it is the neckline) makes your bustline look like it is resting on your waist. Not good. You are beautiful and so many other things look gorgeous on you. Return it.

  16. Hate to say it (cos it’s a lovely-looking dress), but return it. It looks like the tailoring would cost at least as much as the dress itself, which tends to be my test for whether to return or tailor.

  17. Return.

    I think you can find a dress that suits you better that you don’t have to alter πŸ™‚

    Plus, that way you get to shop more, right? πŸ˜‰

  18. My rule of thumb (after many purchases which just sit in my cupboard only worn once or even never!) is to ask myself “Will I really wear it?”. If the answer is “Okay, probably not …… you mean and nasty inner voice of reason.” then it has to go.

    So even after alterations, will you really wear it?

  19. Return it. The length is flirty, and while there is nothing actually wrong with that it means this is a garment that will have limited occasions you will feel comfortable wearing it. You probably won’t wear it to work, if the weather might turn cool later
    you won’t wear it, etc. Investing a lot of money in alterations for such a garment is a good idea only if that garment has the potential to make you look and feel incredible when you do wear it. Right now you seem to be talking about the potential to make it into a dress that is OK for you, not one that is wonderful.

  20. I think many dresses you highlight your stomach (which I know does not bother you – just giving an opinion) – this doesn’t.
    It’s gorgeous.

    1. If you are worried exchange to a size down. If it still needs alterations it will be cheaper.

    2. If your boobs are too low – wear a bra that gives an uplift ( it can be done I am your size.

    Up to you though….

  21. I love the print and material but its not the most flattering dress except when you pull it into shape! I dont know why they make so many dresses with high necks that are so not flattering with boobs πŸ™

  22. I like the pattern on the dress but it you aren’t happy with it, I wouldn’t bother with alterations. I recently sent an ASOS Curve dress back (it was beaded so a bit heavy) and it cost me $16 to send back. Because I had a discount for spending over $150 on a number of dresses the refund ended up being the cost of postage because the discount no longer applied. Going forward, I will never return anything to ASOS, always eBay it. I seem to always get good money for any ASOS Curve dresses I sell on ebay.

  23. I love the pattern against the navy background and a plus that it is stretchy. For me the skirt doesn’t work. I’m not keen on the layered skirt, just looks too busy. Personally I would return as there are too many wrongs going on.

  24. I’m a vote for returning it. I like the pattern and the idea of it, but the layered skirt just looks messy, like the lining of the dress is making a run for the border.

    Taking it in would be pretty easy, but even a shopping centre/train station/nothing special tailor would charge you at least $15 (and probably closer to $20 to do it). Changing the neckline would involve removing the bodice, undoing the lining, cutting, and then putting it all back together, which would probably be another $20-$30 or so, at least.

    Also, I’m no fit-ologist, but I think that even though it is too big on the sides, it’s not big enough in the cup area, and that’s why your bra shows at the side…

    I think at this point this dress would work better if it was a completely different dress.

    I say return it, look for a similar fabric, and make your own!

  25. I had exactly the same problem with an ASOS Curve exclusive item this week, going to do a blog post on it myself I think.
    Was really excited about the item and it just didn’t work.

    It’s a gorgeous dress, I just think it’s too big for you and the cost of tailoring will make an expensive dress. I say return, or sell on ebay πŸ™‚

  26. Very cute dress, however for the price of an ASOS dress i would return it. Actually, I think you should first exchange it for the next size down…IF and only IF you love the dress. If not totally in love-just return. I don’t believe it would stand up to the alterations needed.
    My opinion, let us know what you decided! I have no control over pretty dress buying, and have allowed purchased to languish in my closet and end up on ebay-never worn because I loved them on the web but not on my body. This past year, I have been attempting to be more selective, buying quality pieces that I know flatter. It is hard, but ultimately worth it!

  27. I really love this dress on you, high neckline at all. While the pattern didn’t wow me on the site it suits you perfectly – colour too. I’m putting in a vote for trying the higher neckline and getting it in at the sides if you can find someone cheap? I take my ASOS dresses that have invisible zips back to my Mum’s in the burbs because she has an incredibly cheap tailor that replaces them to better quality zips for $5 a piece. I’m very lucky.

    Also boo to insinuating you shouldn’t wear dresses that draw attention to your stomach. You have a beautiful stomach.

  28. I have exactly the same problem with ASOS Curve. Big gaping armholes and the bodice just too big. I bought a red gingham dress and had to put darts in the bodice under my bust. I’m thinking about taking it up on the shoulder seams, which may fix the gaping armholes and bodice. I haven’t bought much from ASOS, but I must say, I was overly impressed with the quality. Although, having said all that, whilst wearing said dress, I did get a compliment from a total stranger on what a lovely dress it was!

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