Lust List: Winter Wedding

The Sophisticate and I are attending a wedding in Tokyo at the start of December, and because I don’t really have anything warm enough that’s also dressy enough for the occasion I decided it was a good opportunity to treat myself to a new dress.

In August I ordered a long sleeved wool dress from Etsy, but we’re two weeks out from the wedding and it still hasn’t shipped.

The seller lives in Vermont, which means they got a bit caught up in Hurricane Sandy, so I completely understand, but it’s still making me VERY nervous.

We’re coming into summer in Australia (though you wouldn’t believe it with today’s top of 17 degrees, and all) so there’s not many warm, long sleeved dresses in the shops at the moment. There’s still a few shops online who can get a back-up dress to me on time though, so I’ve been doing a precautionary browse.

Igigi’s new range, entitles “The Golden Age of Couture” seems like a good place to start. Their clothes are always beautifully made, they travel exceedingly well, and – most importantly in this situation – their shipping takes a meagre few days. I love the theme behind the line; it’s inspired by the opulence and lavishness of the French and Russian aristocracies, and though neither of them came to a good end, they all looked pretty stylish during it.

Nadine Jeweled Gown In Ruby 

OK, so maybe the Nadine a leeeeetle OTT, considering it’s a traditional Shinto wedding. But this is definitely the dress you want to wear to upstage the bride!

Isolde Belted Dress in Parisian Green

I actually completely love this dress, especially the belt! It’s flattering, classy and very versatile. A definite contender.

Lynette Sweater Dress in Black 

At the opposite end of the dressy spectrum to Nadine, Lynette probably isn’t quite fancy enough to make it at a wedding, but I included it here because I adore the print on the skirt. The blouson bodice and shorter hemline suggest that it was be dreamily comfortable to wear, too.

By the way, have you checked out Igigi’s Curve Connection yet? I just think this is such a great project!

We all know that clothes look different on models and mannequins than they look In Real Life, so I love that Igigi has started a project that encourages their IRL fans to show off their dresses and styling ideas.

Plus, anyone can get in on the action with a 10% off code for every entry, and the opportunity to win a $500 voucher every month!

navabi Curvy Blog Award 2012

Finally; If you haven’t already, please take moment to vote for me – #190 – in the Navabi Curvy Blog Awards. There’s only a bit over a week to go before the ten shortlisted blogs go before a judging panel for the opportunity to win a trip for two to London for Fashion Week (and squirrels). It would mean such a lot to me to be able to bring you the news about the exciting upcoming fashions for Autumn and Winter, and even more to be able to give my little sister a bit of a holiday from the chemo and the opportunity to travel overseas for the first time.

29 thoughts on “Lust List: Winter Wedding

  1. all 3 are cool, but the first one will get you this “WOW” look for sure.
    the second one is the most universal, will fit to every occasion I guess.
    third is not my style at all, so I won’t share my thoughts 😛

  2. I love the red one and with simple accessories I think u could play it down
    Or what about ur Ekanta beaded dress with a black cardigan and statement belt over the top? Or with a blazer for warmth! The texture is so beautiful and perfect for a wedding !!

    1. The Sophisticate is dying for me to wear the Ekanta, but I heard that lots of cleavage is a bit of a no-no in Japan, and definitely a no-no at Shinto shrines, so I said it might not be appropriate! I tried it with a cardigan, but it didn’t really work as well. 🙁

  3. I’d actually go the Lynette dress. I think you’d get a lot of wear out of it and if you paired it with a great coat and a red statement necklace it would look amazing for a winter wedding.

    K xx

  4. Lilli, I love, love the Nadine Jeweled gown! I think you would look beautiful in this dress! I’m now hoping over to the link you provided to vote for you! Good luck! 🙂

  5. I hope you win! Have you ever ordered anything from Heart My Closet? They have quite a few long sleeve designs. I have a few suits and very happy with them. They are pretty fast for custom orders! Worth a peek!

      1. The quality is pretty great especially for the price. The ‘ff’ fabric is particularly lovely. They also wash and drip dry brilliantly – no ironing. Cynthia will also make to a photo. She is making me some little vintage style boleros to wear with

  6. Hi, I just read your blog and found that you need something warm and dressy for your wedding in Tokyo in early December. I have a studio for making custom made for plus size lady both locally and on Etsy. Maybe you can find something interesting in my shop. Just convo me if you have any question. After you place the order, I can finish your coat in 5-7 days. I can ship your clothes by DHL and I assure you get the coat and dress by the end of November. Thanks and welcome. – Carol

    1. Hi Carol, thank you so much! I’m waiting for a response from the dressmaker in Portland – I’m hoping it’s not too late, but I’ll definitely keep you in mind! I love the coats, too, so even if I don’t get a dress I might drop you a line closer to winter

  7. Hmm… IMO the 1st dress is too OTT for a wedding. I like the 2nd dress in that it reminds me of a kimono and obi, but the leather doesn’t seem fancy enough. The 3rd isn’t at all fancy enough IMO — just seems like an everyday outfit. If forced to choose between these, I’d choose the 2nd & try to nice it up [does that make sense?] with a different belt & chic jewelry.

    1. Hi Panya,
      Yeah, I’m pretty much of the same opinion. I love that the second dress reminds you of an obi and kimono – probably very apt for a Japanese wedding, right? Maybe if I swapped out the belt for something with a bit more bling….?

  8. oooh, coming to tokyo! how exciting! i love the 2nd dress and think it would be very appropriate!

    here are some other things i’ve picked up attending a handful of japanese weddings in the last couple years…

    for you:
    – no exposed shoulders or anything overly sexy – most women wear little jackets, shawls or some kind of cover up if their dress is sleeveless. usually as the evening goes on (and the alcohol increases) people don’t seem to pay attention, but in the beginning, everyone is usually covered. cleavage is pretty much a no-no in japan (not just weddings, but ESPecially at weddings! haha)
    – avoid opaque black tights – lots of young women wear sheer hose, sparkly tights or tights with flowers/designs.
    – also, don’t wear ALL black/dark colors – japanese wear all black to funerals
    – pearls or simple jewelry – sparkly is always good but nothing too gawdy
    – don’t carry a big bag – a small bag or clutch in a shiny or sparkly material that holds your wallet, phone and touch-up makeup is best.
    – it’s cold – bring a jacket. something with a classic shape and color will be perfect.
    – updo – it’s not necessary, but most japanese women will put their hair into fancy updos. twists, braids, flower pins, rhinestone bobby pins, etc.

    i tried to find a website that gave easy to understand photos, but this is all i could find: it’s all in japanese but the photos with the circles are pretty much what every japanese woman will look like. THAT being said, if you aren’t japanese you can get away with way more. many japanese guests will think it’s fancy or “international” or “celeb-like” if you are wearing something that’s different or not what they are used to. usually i wear whatever i would wear to a wedding in the states (where i’m from) and chalk it up any questioning to my foreign-ness! haha

    oh and for guys: a black suit, white shirt and white tie is pretty standard.

    are you going to get to do any site seeing while in tokyo??

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