Impossible Love

Blouse: Dorothy Perkins

Cardigan: Glassons

Belt: Glassons

Skirt: DIY

Shoes: Chie Mihara

I’m wearing a LOT of these russety oranges and browns this winter – this cardigan’s been on regular repeat, as has the belt. This is first time you’ve seen this awesome goldfish print blouse from Dorothy Perkins, though.

I bought it MONTHS ago, and I’ve been loving wearing it. It crushes pretty easily, which is annoying, but the voluminous cut and breezy cotton blend fabric made it lovely to wear on hot days. I’ve been missing it since the colder weather arrived, then it occurred to me that it actually matched quiet well with my current preferred winter palette.

The draped skirt, loosely fitting blouse and cardigan worked well together, but the outfit needed something to finish it: My CatRabbit Owl brooch was perfect.

Brooch: CatRabbit

It makes me think of the legend of the fish that fell in love with a bird. An impossible love, but at least it makes a successful outfit!

16 thoughts on “Impossible Love

  1. LOVE this outfit! I like a quirky print to spice up the winter palette (which looks great on you, btw). I would love to know what brand your glasses frames are though – the shape of the arms really caught my eye.

    1. Hey Kat – I’m afraid they’re a vintage pair I bought a few years ago in Kansas City and had my lenses put in & they’re so old the brand’s been worn off.

  2. Adore the goldfishies and they go perfectly with these tones! They go swimmingly together…(I had to!!)! A lovely outfit! And those chie miharas finish off any outfit beautifully!!!

    1. YES! Thank you Clare I thought I was going crazy I swear that I’ve seen this top before, it must of been Twitter haha

  3. Hi! I hope you won’t mind me telling this (I finally gathered the courage) but I’d love to see photos of you and your beautiful clothes with a white wall behind, in a brighter light. I think it would better compliment you and your outfits.

    1. Thanks Ela – When I first started I was lucky to have a good blank wall in a courtyard full of natural light. Unfortunately when I moved in with my now-husband there wasn’t anywhere similar, so I’ve had to make do. Sorry about that

  4. Goodness. That is everything I’ve ever wanted in an outfit and you’re rocking it at least ten times harder than I could ever hope to. Love it!

  5. Love this outfit 🙂 Normally I’m not a fan of browns but you make it look great!

    PS Not sure if it worked or not but I left you a message via the website about some bunting themed shoes I think you’d like 🙂

  6. I love this outfit, it reminds me to the forties. I also used to wear styles with vintage character some years ago, now I feel too old 😉

    1. Thank you Bine – I do love a good retro look 🙂
      p.s. I don’t think you’re ever too old to wear vintage… I’m thirty-four and I’m planning to keep wearing it forever!

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