May(de): Shapeless Snuggle

Top: Sportsgirl

Cardigan: Temt

Skirt: DIY

Tights: Sussan

Shoes: Milu

Gosh it’s miserable in Melbourne today. The Sophisticate’s having some hard-earned time off, so I’ve been facing the grey and gloomy days by myself. It’s been freezing cold and rainy to boot, and I’d much rather be snuggled up on the couch with Suki on my lap, a hot cup of tea and my husband, but oh well.

I’m sort of wearing a snuggle, anyway – everything today is loose and warm and drapey, starting with thick grey tights (laddered, and no longer available alas), an oversized knit top, billowy open cardigan, and the wool skirt that I DIY’d last year. For my original instructions check out that post here.

So I was warm and comfortable even if I had to be at work, and at least I got to come home to warm floorboards and now I’m full of Clam Chowder (Spoon Fork Bacon have the BEST recipe) and it’s nearly the weekend. Life’s not so bad.

12 thoughts on “May(de): Shapeless Snuggle

  1. Certainly wintery cold in Melbourne! You look so warm and snug! Love the tights…I had a similar pair from Sussan that have gone to tight heaven 🙁

    1. Probably the same pair. I bought a new pair from them this year, and they didn’t even come CLOSE to encompassing my thighs. $25 down the drain. VERY cranky!

  2. You can see your hair better today! It looks lovely. I also really like your outfit, I love loose drape-y items – in fact I have been wearing a lot of dipped hem baggy tops and PJ esq trousers – I LOVE the PJ trend!

    1. Thanks Claire, it looks very different in person, actually, but I’m gradually coming to terms with it, lol! Haven’t quite figured out the PJ trend yet, though I AM a big fan of PJ’s themselves!

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