Short n’ Sweet

Cardigan: Glassons

Blouse: Jeans West

Skirt: Pearl & Elspeth

Shoes: Wittner

Brooch: Julia Swaney

Just a short ‘n sweet one here, my dears, as I’ve had a looooong day, and I’m looking forward to spending the rest of the evening curled up on the couch with The Sophisticate with my feet in his lap and some rubbish on telly.

I did just quickly want to let my Sydneyside readers know about Gisela Ramirez’s Very Exciting Launch on the 19th of this month though:

Gisela’s doing brilliant stuff – a plus-size blogger who was so utterly fed up with what was on offer that she started her own label – and has gone from strength to strength, including an appearance in Gabi Gregg’s Wilhelmina Models Photo shoot earlier this year.

Unfortunately I can’t make it up there myself, but pop along if you can (there’s more information on Gisela’s Facebook Page) and show some support!

12 thoughts on “Short n’ Sweet

  1. This outfit is completely phenomenal! I love to see stuff on the blogs I read that not only is something I WOULD wear (since I read so many blogs with great style that isn’t necessarily my own, like this one–just things I like to admire from afar) but also something I COULD wear with what I have. Not that I own an awesome tea towel skirt, but I think a nice printed A-line would get the same effect, no?

    I envy that brooch.

  2. Amazing outfit! I always admire that skirt every time I see it! There seems to be a few people launching their own line in clothing due to the lack of items available in plus size.

  3. Oh my goodness. Every time I see that skirt, I fall in love with it all over again. I know I’m international, but I’m so tempted to contact Pearl & Elspeth to see if they would ship something to the US. And that brooch… I’m definitely picking one of those up! I’m thinking perhaps one of the bunny brooches, but we’ll see what I ultimately decide.

  4. I love the idea of individuals launching their own lines given the limitations of curvy sized clothing! Lilli, your brooch is fantastic!

  5. That skirt is divine! I love that whole outfit, I’m going to be checking Glassons out too from now on, you have great pieces from there. Spunkarella!

  6. oh! olive green cardi, you’re gorgeous!

    I’ve always stopped short of buying cardigans that don’t button over the boobs – If there are buttons, shouldn’t they always manage to meet? but, no, not really, I suppose. I’d be interested to hear how many other women have this nit-pick for themselves, and how I should get over it.

    I’ll try to get out of the habit, but I’m not sure my brain will let it be a fast adaptation. I’ve become more partial to boleros and shrugs since they don’t have a clearly designed buttoning function designed for smaller women.

    1. I thought it best I expand the sentiment above to include the requisite “squeee Lilli you’re so beautiful/cute/ darling” and that this cardi, and in fact all the cardi’s Lilli wears suit her and look really cute – it’s just that I have this inherited avoidance to anything that looks -obviously- too small (like cardigans that don’t button up across the belly or boobs) because of that “advice” given to me as a younger girl that “if you wear clothes that are too small for you you’ll end up looking bigger than you actually are”.

      It might be a crap thing handed down to me, and I want to understand it more – how many other women have been told stupid things like this? How many believe it? (and also, with the squee-ness aside, how many agree with me? Because after having said that, I honestly think that while your cardigans suit you, Lilli, they do tend to look too small for your boobage, and I wonder why you’d support these designers/stores with your money when they consistently make clothes that are not fuller-figure friendly? It’s like rewarding them for being d*cks about their sizing. It confuses me.

      1. Hi Esther, well, a couple of reasons, probably:
        Like you, I prefer not to spend my money with companies that don’t actually want me as a customer, however I have enormous trouble finding good cardigans for plus-sized figures (especially in Australia!) And when I do find cardigans that come in larger sizes I usually find that they are too big in the shoulders and the arms, and end up making me look bigger than I am. Also usually you have the choice of two colours: Black & red.
        The cardigans that I buy from Glassons are pretty stretchy, and actually do do up over The Ladies (well, usually!) but I often prefer the open-cardigan look to show off the dress underneath. 🙂

        1. Thank you for replying. I hadn’t thought of the arm/shoulder fitting, but you’re absolutely right, an ill-fitting shoulder is so problematic for a streamlined profile. And the frump-look is so hard to avoid when shopping for larger sized clothes – I never look at My Size these days because they seem to think that everyone wants sack-sheaths with no shape 🙁

          Also, I was chatting to a friend who is a good bit on the shorter size, and she said that she’s happy when cardigans fit her arm length-ways, and sometimes buttoning up is not the biggest issue but the length of sleeves. It’s good to keep all these things in mind – off the rack clothing is such an arduous task that I honestly despair of going into stores.

          I do like cardigans, and will have to start introducing myself to the concept that buttons =/= have to do up.

  7. Can I just say that I love that you don’t show off your knees and thighs like SOOO many vintage bloggers do?? Vintage dresses really shouldn’t be shorted to miniskirts, it’s wierd. I don’t showing off my knees I just don’t think it’s lady-like. It’s something different than normal so I commend you for going against the flow 🙂

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