Top: Sportscraft

Cardigan: Temt

Jeans: Embody Denim

Belt: Fiorelli

Boots: Boots For Broads

Necklace: City Chic

Draping is not something I’ve ever been particularly good at. Most of my wardrobe is structured to hug the contours of my figure. My recent foray in the world of peg-leg pants has woken in me a lust for loose-fitting, draped pieces.

This blush-coloured cardigan’s a good addition, it and itΒ seems to work well enough over jeans and knee-high boots, but after trying it with a soft jersey skirt from TreneryΒ I’ve decided I “need” more unstructured pieces to team it with.

I couldn’t quite come at buying a floppy grey skirt for $100, so I think I’ll be off to Spotlight this weekend, and maybe we’ll have a DIY blog post next week!

19 thoughts on “Drapery

  1. I’m wearing a very similar colour today and also drapey. I got a loose drapey top from Yours Clothing a few weeks ago in the sale in blush and I wore it with my peg legs. I *was* going to take a picture but managed to get my dinner down the top! So it will have to wait until next time now!!

    Also I am saving to buy a pair of those boots. I decided rather than spending Β£60 on boots that don’t quite fit, I might as well pay Β£120 on a pair custom made. See sensible Monkey!

  2. I love the look of this cardi! It projects an ease that is pleasing to the eye and the nude color is wonderful! The boots are stunning! And may I say your hair looks great? I can’t believe how long it is! πŸ™‚

  3. Love the cardi with that outfit, you look fab, I adore your use of colour.

    A note on the dangers of drapery!! I too love it, but usually have to stick to one piece and a drapey accessory only. It can totally drown a person unless you are quite tall – I am not overly tall (162cm). You and I are of similar height I believe.

    If you want more drape, try an overly long scarf with your drape item; that still shows glimpses your lovely figure underneath (i.e. not too covering).

    Love Jenni xxx

  4. Hey Lilli, I just discovered draping too – for me, draping is a nice way to wear a jersey sheath dress without all the wibble-wobbles sitting out – I found a wonderful waterfall cardi at Target (Moda) that I wear belted over a number of dresses – it sits well, and is asymmetrically longer in the front than behind – I have a smaller butt (used to have flat-butt, then started cycling, now have small but quite round butt) but carry extra weight in the abdomen (Insulin resistance syndrome sucks) and the draping of the cardi really flatters my nice little bum and hides the extra weight up front. For your body shape I think this would be a flattering look also – back of the cardi/top sitting just above the pockets on your jeans and hanging lower at the front.

    I also like the long fronted vests I’ve been seeing around – I saw some in that most wonderful store ginger tree, I think they were Jump seconds.

    from personal experience, I like to avoid waterfall/cascade cardigans/vest made from jersey material, it clings too much to have that really effective draping look. Eliza Parkers million ways cardi is nice, but too clingy for that effortless cascade that wools and acrylic blends have.

  5. Hi Lilli! Just wanted to leave a comment to say you are my style-hero! I first discovered your fab blog a couple of years ago when looking for style inspiration from a fellow ‘plump’ lady, but then stopped reading style blogs last year. I just stopped being interested in style and clothes (dealing with some ‘personal’ problems can make you do that)…However, now I’m back and looking for style inspiration I’m so GLAD I re-discovered you (from your feature on yes and yes)! We have a similar size/shape and similar style (although I’m green with envy for your wardrobe!), and just looking at your fantastically stylish outfits makes me once again inspired to dress.up.for.myself. So thank you Lilli! (and sorry for the gushing message, just wanted you to know) ~ littlemissplump

    1. YAY! I’m always so happy when I get emails like this one! Thanks for taking the time to comment, and I’m thrilled you’ve rediscovered me and am still enjoying reading. Hope everything’s settling down for you πŸ™‚

  6. waaaaoouuuuuh very cuuuuuuute !! belt & boots ! the best outfit for a gurl like you πŸ˜‰

    really love it !! and we can see your heels πŸ˜‰ thanks lilli πŸ™‚

  7. Love draping!! I think it’s stylish and modern. For me it goes really well with layers. I have quite a few waterfall cardis and they look great over trousers, jersey dresses etc. The texture makes it special. They are also a great solution for the bigger busted lady – no pulling of buttons or gaping! Perfect!!

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