Hot Heart

Top: Miss Shop @ Myer

Skirt: Sussan

Shoes: Schuh


Melbourne weather is currently all “Oh God! That’s right! It’s meant to be summer. Quick! Get hot! Get HOT!” Which on the one hand is kind of nice, because it means strappy tops, and summer dresses, and throwing the windows open in the evening. But on the other hand there’s flies, and sweat, and trying to decide Luvees/leggings/shallIriskthecream. And because it’s got unexpectedly hot, unexpectedly quickly I’ve been prone to leaving the house in wrong-wardrobe mode, which always leaves me open to Impulse Buying.

I Impulse Bought this cute little top from Myer on a 35-degree day, after foolishly leaving the house in jeans and elbow-length sleeves. Going into the change room was just an excuse to strip my clothes off to cool down for a minute, but I couldn’t say no to the ruffles and the hearts after I saw them.

The fabric’s that nasty synthetic stuff that I usually give a wide berth to, and it has an exposed zip at the back (a current trend that I loathe) but you can’t win ’em all.

When I bought it I was picturing it paired with my white DIY skirt, but it just looks so at home with denim that every time I’ve worn it it’s been with jeans, a denim skirt, or my denim short-shorts.

Oh! In other news, at the request of a reader I’ve decided to start a Tumblr (aren’t I just the social networking queen?). Mostly I’m reblogging photos that catch my eye from other people’s feeds, but every so often I’ll be putting up pretties that I find on my journeys, so if you’re interested…

13 thoughts on “Hot Heart

  1. Love the top! It’s perfect for the month of February, cheesy as that sounds! The ruffles are cute as is the heart print. Not to mention how good you look in red. Shall definitely check out your Tumblr. And aren’t those glasses cute?

  2. Lilli,
    Your shoes caused me to have my own impulse buy. I went to the Schuh website, and fell in love. I have been wanting a pair of green shoes, forever, and I found them there. The perfect height, the color, the style everything!!!!! Thank you for the tip… husband and wallet would disagree. So, now I have a pair of shoes coming from the UK! YEAH!

  3. That top is to die for! Your blog has inspired me to tuck a lot of my tops in and I can’t get over how much better it looks!

    P.S- thanks for introducing me to Golden Means blog by the way. Her posts make me literally weep that Anthropologie don’t do bigger sizes. I can just about squeeze into their size 14 but it depends on the item and that makes me sad 🙁

  4. I’ve totally done that! I did it last summer and I ended up buying a cardigan because it was chilly! It is a very beautiful impulse buy – and if you get lots of wear out of it it makes it totally worth it!

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