Delicate Details

Dress: Gasby (57 Bridge Road, Richmond – no website)

Shoes: Diana Ferrari


I like jewellery, though I don’t often take close-up photos of it to put on the blog (should probably attempt to do that a bit more often, huh?)

These days the bulk of my jewellery comes from Etsy, because I like that it’s a bit different and innovative. Recently I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a nice looking gold bracelet.

Bracelet: Edor


When I spotted the Satellite bracelet from edor I knew I’d found it; it’s not too fussy, but it’s a bit different. It’s very light, and I’m not aware that I’m wearing it at all. And it was cheap. Cheap enough that I also picked up a similarly delicate necklace to “rationalise” the shipping charges!

Necklace: Edor


They’re not the most eye-catching pieces in my collection, but I kind of like that. Sometimes it’s best – especially if you’re wearing something really striking – to wear jewellery that takes a back seat.

Here’s a few more delicate pieces from my Etsy wishlist:

Bracelet: Samantha Rose

Necklace: Moncadeau

Necklace: Moncadeau

Ring: Louisa Gallery

Earrings: mxm jewelry

Necklace: Roundabout

Bracelet: meltemsem

Necklace: J2Jewelry

Earrings: Creative Accidents

Earrings: SanFranBlissco


25 thoughts on “Delicate Details

    1. My pleasure! I love them too. I’m pretty active with my hands – I’m always slamming them into things too, so I like simple rings with slim bands. the LouisaGallery ones are right up my alley.

  1. I like statement /costume jewellery – don’t usually wear my more delicate stuff. Though little diamond studs- perfection.
    YOU MUST check out a shop called Sprinkle on Lygon St in East Brunswick – sort of a cross between Leona Edmiston and Queen Clothing. Not cheap, but all Luscious.
    The designer herself is 6 ft tall and is at least a size 18, so her clothes go up to that. Lots of luxurious jerseys, silks, linens and such.
    I was in there drooling over the pretties and thought about your blog.
    PLEEEEEEEASE let me take you around Brunswick!!!! Lots of fab finds there.

  2. Comprehensive jewellery guide aside, your STUNNING striped dress has left me breathless! I am beyond in love with it! I want to marry it and elope with it to Rio. But that would involve you taking it off, which would be unkind as it looks brilliant on you. Sigh. Deep, striped, appreciative sigh.

  3. This dress reminds me of something my nana would have worn. I come across dresses that remind me of her and I wonder whether to buy them- and then I realise well, she obviously had good taste and was a wonderful woman so go with it!!! So i have quite a few dresses that I LOVE that have a 70s vintage vibe that I think she would have loved!!! This is a round about way of saying this dress is cool!

    When I was about 23 I bought a dress at sportsgirl. When I visited my nana she had bought the same dress (as a 80 year old!) as me-I made her return it!!!! My nana was a wonderful woman and one who I would have loved even if she hadnt been my nana!!!!!

    1. What a fun story, Rochelle!
      My Nana was a consummate sewer, so most of the clothes in her wardrobe were handmade by her. I love the 70’s retro vibe too. They weren’t afraid of a little colour! Or prints!

  4. I think I’ve found some of my most interesting pieces on Etsy! There’s such great selection there.

    I aodre that delicate little bracelet in this post, it’s so dainty and pretty. Love your glasses as well.

  5. Hi!
    It’s my first comment here!
    I’m an italian big size girl living in France and I’ve been following your blog for a while.
    I absolutely loved this post. I bought some items at Edor’s etsy shop too and they are perfect tiny objects to complete an important outfit without making it “too heavy”!
    I’m gonna have a look on the other shops u suggested, Pinwheel earrings look sooooo nice!


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