Sky High

Dress: Liz Claiborne via Ross

Shoes: City Chic


Another US-apalooza review! I’ve been dying to wear this ivory sheath, but it’s fully lined and not exactly the sort of thing you schlep about in so I wanted to wait til I was back at work to premiere it. Today was probably not ideal, because it started raining about twenty minutes after I left the house and didn’t let up until… well, actually it’s still raining now.

I was so delighted to find this in the racks at the Ross because I’d been looking fruitlessly in Australia for a simple cream frock. This one fit perfectly, was fully lined, and was a flattering tulip style. And coming from Ross, it was a steal. It came with a black patent belt, but I think I prefer it unbelted, as it has a nicer shape.

I should add that I’m a massive klutz, and I always end up sitting in things, drawing on myself, and spilling my food down my front, so the dress was probably a remarkably idiotic purchase, but I love it anyway.

The shoes were probably also a bit of a ridiculous purchase, but when Chitra asked me to be in her fashion show she said I should bring my highest pair of heels to the fitting, and I had to sheepishly admit that I didn’t really have any. My favourite black heels recently went to the big shoe shop in the sky, so I took the opportunity to remedy my lack-of-high-heels situation, and bought these black platform stilettos from City Chic.

They have a wide foot base, so they’re reasonably comfortable, even for an inexperienced stilt-walker like myself, and while I wouldn’t want to wear them for a hike around town, they were perfectly OK for trotting from car to bookstore and back again.

28 thoughts on “Sky High

  1. I adore those shoes…they look great on your. Your photo of them is quite artsy too 😉

    Congrats on your cosmo feature by the way!

  2. I love the dress both ways; its beautifully simple without the belt, but so chic the way your waist is cinched with the belt! And the shoes are hot! ow ow!

  3. You are one brave lady! I wouldn’t be able to wear a white dress for two mins without getting something down it – let alone all day…Although saying that I did manage to wear my wedding dress for a whole day – but then my mum made me wear a bib, I only drank white drinks and I barely ate!

    I too prefer it without the belt – its too harsh against all that white, maybe a lighter coloured one if you wanted to wear a belt.

  4. I’d be leery of putting it on a pale dress for fear of dye transferral, but I think this would look smashing with a really broad, really brightly-coloured obi belt. Maybe bright yellow or eggplant purple?

    I don’t know though. My personal body shape is such that I want to put obi belts on everything 🙂

  5. This is indeed a beautiful white sheath! You can find great deals in Ross if you’re willing to dig through what at times seems like an overwhelming disarray of clothes piles. However, given their fabulous prices, I’m not complaining. I don’t know about the belt…I kind of like it. But then I’ve always thought black and white is such a retro, classy combination. That’s just me! Love these black heels on you!

  6. I am going to have to dissent and say I like it with the belt.
    Though, I was thinking – wedges, a big gold belt and a headscarf with big sunnies would be very Monaco-chic. A little outside the box, but could work.
    Hah, woman after my own heart, I always make a mess of white clothing. Murphy’s Law.

  7. Hi there!!

    I just got linked to a store called Ruche (, which are absolutely adorable, pretty affordable, and which have plus sizes in addition to pretty generous looking regular sizes. It seemed up your alley, so I thought I’d pass it on! 🙂 Some of their plus sized dressed and skirts are to die for.

  8. Ross is simply brilliant. I got a teen girl’s dress that I managed to fit into (think they call it ‘misses’) and it was a steal for under $20. Love this white one!

    1. We haven’t really got anything like it in Australia, sadly! I’ll definitely be checking them out when I’m in the US again, though I hear its a bit of a lottery.

  9. OMG Lilli, this is the dress of my dreams. I always fantasise about wearing a dress like this with a crop 60s style cropped jacket.
    I love the dress without the belt, more romantic 🙂

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