A Goodbye and a Good Buy

Top: Michelle Tan

Trousers: Queen Clothing

Shoes: Chie Mihara


Yesterday I bid a very sad farewell to my two gorgeous housemates Joss & Bosun as they headed off on new adventures. I’ll miss then terribly, and must admit I had a little teary moment when I got back to the now half-empty apartment, but I suppose with Skype and Facebook and all of that it never really has to be goodbye forever.

I suspect Suki’ll miss them even more than I will, but fortunately she has a Facebook profile of her own so as soon as she masters the art of touch typing (I’m sure it’s only a matter of time) she can keep in contact with them herself.

In other news: I’m so delighted with this blouse which I bought from Michelle Tan’s Etsy Shop at the end of November. It fitsΒ  beautifully, and has got some of the most professional attention to detail that I’ve experienced from an independent dressmaker: The sleeves, peter-pan collar, button placket and neckline are faced with satin so everything sits really well. The back fastens with little purple buttons, and she’s even installed little pop-fasteners between them so that gaps between the buttons don’t gape. For a meagre US$49 – custom made – you’re laughing. I was so impressed that I’m going to stop vacillating over the gorgeous Renee Dress (below) that’s been on my wishlist since forever and snap it up as soon as it becomes available again.

21 thoughts on “A Goodbye and a Good Buy

  1. ciao bella!
    the blouse is amazing, cute and feminine, love it!
    yes, it is so sad to see friends going…
    …but new one are coming for sure!!!!!
    you are such a nice person that it will not take long for new housemates.

    wanna some chat? find me on skype! (ylenialessio)


  2. I could gush all day about this outfit – I love those trousers! I love the blouse (so into peter pan collars but cannot find ANY my size! πŸ™ ), love the shoes…

    Aww its sad that your house-mates are moving on, but as you said with FB and Twitter and Texting nothing is forever these days.

  3. That blouse is gorgeous! Very 1930s-esque — is the fabric a Liberty of London print? I love how you’ve paired it with the high waisted trousers.

  4. great outfit! I was at Cats Meow yesterday and didn’t look for trousers but I managed to pick up two glorious tops and a dress. Now I wish I had looked for those pants!

    Happy travels to your friends πŸ™‚

  5. As a regular stalker of your blog, may I say that your outfits keep getting better and better with every single post? That blouse is simply divine. It has that retro vibe and still looks drop dead trendy and chic. And those pants cut you quite a silhouette, Ms. Lilly! You look lovely. And by all means, do snap that dress up. It’s like it was made for you!

  6. Love love love the shirt…. so cute! But LOVE the dress even more! Is it from the same etsy seller? Aren’t you just loving the strong Aussie dollar atm?

  7. I love your top – it’s gorgeous. Liberty style floral prints are so now.

    My Chocolate Boy looks so much like Suki. To the point I think I might struggle to tell them apart. Sometimes when I see her on my screen I wonder if Max is living a double life…

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