We Now Return You To Your Usual Programming

Singlet: Jay Jays

Cardigan: Coco Latte

Skirt: Laura Ashley

Shoes: Wittner

Well, hi there! Long time no see! I’m back in Australia, and back to my regular blogging.

I didn’t quite blog as often as I’d anticipated during my travels in the US, and last week’s return was a bit of a blur due to the rather frightening news that my fit, notoriously health-conscious Dad had suffered a heart attack, and had to go into surgery for a triple bypass. He’s on the road to recovery now, thank goodness, but it was a rather stressful week and I’m afraid that blogging was the last thing on my mind.

Anyway – now I’m back and I’ve got so many new treasures to share. This time last year I was doing “Frockapalooza”, wearing a dress a day until I’d exhausted my massive stockpile of 41 dresses. The US trip has given me a few additions to the list and I was thinking I’d do a mini US-apalooza, but this week is scheduled to be hot and nasty so it might have to wait for a cool change.

Instead I’ll show you my new Pigeon Hole brooch.

Love the brooch, but I bought it from “Unit Concepts” in Canberra, which must have the worst customer service of any shop I’ve been to for a while. My little sister tells me that they’re notorious for being snooty and disinterested, but after coming from the US where the staff in the shops that I went to were overwhelmingly friendly and helpful it really made me cross. Also, they marked it up on RRP. So if you like it: buy it online.

37 thoughts on “We Now Return You To Your Usual Programming

  1. I hope your Dad is feeling better!

    I also have to ask you where you got the Ipad bag you tweeted about the other day?

    Do you have any online shopping plans for black Friday?

    1. Hi Candice,
      I actually sewed it myself out of a couple of old repurposed map bags!
      When’s Black Friday again? I think we miss it here in Australia, though I do hear about it online!

  2. Welcome back! I have been following for quite a while and love your site, but this might be my first comment. I’m really sorry to hear about your dad – my dad, who is also famously fit and healthy, went through the same thing this spring and it is very scary and stressful. I’m glad to hear that he’s on the mend.
    I love love love your brooch!

  3. So sorry to read about your dad and so glad he is recovering! That said, the brooch is so cute! It reminds me of days spent on the playground when I was a child! Good times!

  4. Very happy to hear your Dad is on the road to recovery – hope it didn’t spoil your travels too much. Cute broach. The worst customer service I experienced was when I lived in Eastern Europe, at the beginning of their change over to democracy. In those days, people had to queue for hours for everything, and shop keepers had a lot of power (the queue for a new fridge was a month!) – when the goods started flowing again in the wake of democracy, the shop attendents didn’t adapt very readily to their new found status, and it was not uncommon for them to totally ignore you while they chatted to their workmates or put up their hand to ask you to wait even if they had nothing to do or no-one to serve.

    1. Thanks Mary Nanna. Luckily I only got the message a few days before I was due to go back to Australia anyway – was a bit worried, but my Dad’s pretty tough. Where in Eastern Europe were you based? I’ve heard some pretty hairy things about shopping in 80’s Russia – I guess we don’t realise how lucky we are in Australia with the availability of most stuff (except plus-size clothing, lol!)

  5. Oh sweetie – I hope your dad is doing okay! Nothing worse than when there is a health scare and you can’t be there beside them.

    I can’t wait to see your haul from the US… I’m sure you bought some amazing things!

  6. So sorry to hear about your dad. My also fit and health-conscious dad suffered a stroke two weeks ago. Thankfully, it was minor and he isn’t expected to have any long-term negative effects.

    Still scary, though, eh? I’m not ready for my dad to be old yet.

    Glad your enjoyed your trip to our side of the globe, though. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I’m with you, Erin! It’s a bit frightening to see your Dad in a hospital bed for the first time undergoing such massive surgery. Hope your dad’s on the road to recovery too.

  7. So sorry to hear about your dad and hope he is doing much much better!

    Your blog has been killing me lately – I own about 25 cardigans and everytime I see a new cocolatte colour on your blog I want to race out and get it. After all they are so so so cheap!!! But I think Mr. McAwesome may divorce me if I step foot in the house with yet another cardigan. But that colour….

  8. You look lovely. I am so happy you are back.
    It is great to hear your Dad is on the mend. I sure your Dad is in the best hands and being looked well taken care of. A good rest and he will be all set for Christmas.
    Can’t wait to see the posts on all your finds.

  9. Ah ha! So it WAS you that I walked past at the Canberra Centre on Friday! After enjoying your blog for the last few months, I was quite sure that I recognised you.

    Sorry to hear about your Dad, and hoping that his recovery is fast and that you’re ok.

  10. I hope your Dad is feeling much better, what a nasty shock! Cannot WAIT to see your US haul, I spent so much money when I was there in September! Anyways, I was stopping by to tell you about this AMAZING maxi dress I bought. I have very similar proportions to you (but am only 156cm tall) and I was struggling to find one that didn’t look heinous. I found a gorgeous black one with beautiful floral detailing for $30 from Best and Less! Go check it out! (Not that you probably need any more clothes after the US but maybe some of your readers will want one!)

  11. Oh dear I am so sorry about your father, thankgod hes recovering now. I was just wondering yesterday about you, so glad to see a new post from you.
    Looking forward to US-apalooza 🙂

  12. Lili,
    I’ve been visiting your blog for months everyday. It’s always a good surprise to see your charming outfits. Sometimes I build or buy some of my clothes inspired by your sweet style. Thanks for bringing to us creativity and beauty. Hugs from Brazil!

  13. Good to have you back!! I’m very glad to hear your dad is on the road to recovery. Did you have to cut your holiday short to come back?

    I’m looking forward to your US inspired posts! Also 40+ dresses!!! How did you have a wardrobe big enough?!

  14. “Frockapalooza” was the most inspiring thing to happen to my wardrobe last year! Loved it and will happily anticipate a repeat, it was totally inspiring!

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