Dress: Bravissimo

Shoes: Wittner

Thankyou so much for everyone’s kind words and emails of support about my Dad – it’s so lovely to have so many of you wonderful people out there rooting for him, and he’s doing pretty well. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to go up to Canberra again to see him in a few weeks, so I’ll update you all again then.

It’s been so ridiculously hot the last few days – like summer just all of a sudden arrived – and I’m so excited to be dusting off my summer frocks, they almost feel new again! OK, so this one actually IS new.

I bought it from Bravissimo a few months ago in their sales, and haven’t had a chance to wear it. I’d spotted it aaages ago when it was new, and it sparked in me a massive desire for Chevron Stripes, but I’d been burned by Bravissimo before, and couldn’t quite rationalise the £70 price tag but when it went down to half price I thought I’d give it a whirl, and I’m glad I did.

Like it says on the website, it’s not as bright in person as it looks online. This is sad, though it’s not a dealbreaker. Also keep in mind that it’s BIG. I should by all rights be wearing an 18 at Bravissimo, but I’ve found the 16 in this dress even a little roomy.

It’s a breezy and beautiful cotton piece – perfect for these hot summer days – and the front and back are just low-cut enough to ventilate without exposing too much flesh, so it’s still OK as workwear for me.

Also, I think that Bravissimo must cut their dresses with Freya bras in mind, because every Freya Bra I own disappears perfectly into this dress, the straps are in the right place, the underarms are cut high enough, the back, the front… Very happy indeed.

Meanwhile… In order to make a bit more room in my wardrobe I’m having another Epic Ebay Sale Of Goodness. I’m only about a third of the way through the pile, but feel free to check it out now if you’re interested.


22 thoughts on “Chevron

  1. Hey Lilli. What a pretty dress! The colours are lovely. I’m still dying to know which Bettie Page dresses you purchased in the U.S! Guess I will be patient and wait for a post 🙂
    I just bought your Dream Diva skirt/dress 😉 Thank you! I look forward to receiving it.

  2. Its freezing here in the UK and as much as I am a snow bunny I look at you all cool and breezy and wish I was somewhere warm!

    Good to hear more positive news about your dad!

    Also I wish I was your size in any shape or form (you’ve even got smaller feet than me!!) but alas I’m not and as such I cannot take advantage of your eBay sale! 🙁

    1. Thanks Monkey – I was so relieved when the operation went well! I ‘m planning to put some accessories on eBay soon. I’ve got more handbags than any one person could possibly need!

  3. This is a very pretty dress! As we gear up for winter here in Canada, I am feeling a little envious of your warm temps! I love love love Freya bras – they’re all that I wear. After years of searching, I found them in a little boutique in my city and will never look back 😉

  4. I think your hair is looking AMAAAZING!!! the long length with the short fringe is very cool. Very french. oooh la la!

  5. You look fab. A really nicely shaped dress.
    I am glad to read your dad is a little better.
    I had a peek at your sale – how I wish we were the same size – you have wonderful clothes.

  6. Oh! Welcome back… Can I say that since I am in the US? I don’t think I can.

    Glad to hear that your dad is recovering well 🙂 Keep us updated. It’s really heartening what modern medicine can do for a person.

    I always eye dresses like this but I find that my need to cover my arms inevitably robs these sorts of dresses of some of their charm for me. Looks great on you, though! Jealous 😀

  7. I love, love, love this dress. I wish it was still available on the site.

    I loved the dressing room updates from the States, but I’m glad you’re back to do outfit posts.

  8. I have been reading your blog for a long time but have never been brave enough to comment! I just bought this dress on your reccomendation! (which is not the first time ). Thanks for such a wonderful blog!

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