Tales From The Dressing Room: Anthropologie

Hello again! This time from Bolivar, Missouri; hometown to The Sophisticate’s clan (or “kin” as I’ve been informed) who are hands-down the most delightful set of generous, welcoming, funny, loving individuals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting!

We’ve spent a few pretty marvellous days on the road – day-tripping through Las Vegas (which was as hilarious as I’d hoped) and spending our first anniversary at the spectacular Grand Canyon. The Sophisticate’s been taking thousands of photos with his whizz-bang camera, and I’m dying to put some up here and tell you a bit more about our travels but Frocks and Frou Frou is, after all, a fashion blog; so instead of subjecting you to a holiday slideshow I’ll tell you what happened when I finally stepped through the doors of one of my most-anticipated US shopping destinations, Anthropologie.

Well, first let me preface this with admitting that I – crushingly – left the store empty-handed. I tried on everything that I liked, but nothing quite made the grade.

The reasons for this were:

Snowy Egret Shift

Fit: I loved this dress so much online that it’s the first thing I made a bee-line for when I walked in the doors at Anthropologie. The material was great, I loved the print, the colours, it even went up to a size 14 (not everything in Anthro does) so I had high hopes for it. Alas… too small. I’d’ve bought it in a heartbeat, even at the $170 price tag, if it had come just a size bigger, but it was uncomfortably tight in the hips and the bust. Back on the rack it went.

Style: I actually really loved the fabric of this top (which I couldn’t find on the website, sorry!) but it got all tent-like and mumsy as soon as I pulled it on. On a flatter-chested girl it would look breezy and bohemian… On me? Not so much.

Soft Soaring Sweater

Price: About two years ago I discovered a dress on Etsy in almost exactly this print… and promptly became obsessed with finding something similar in my size. This little cardi fit the bill, but I’ve never really been that big a fan of drape-front cardigans, and at $128 I simply couldn’t come to the party on it.

Cassonade Coat

Seasonal and weight limits: Oh man, I deliberated over this coat for aaaages. I’d loved it online, and was so pleased to find that in real life it was as beautifully produced as I’d hoped. Fully lined, a lovely soft wool, good neutral colour… But we’re coming into summer in Australia, and I’ve got a meagre 23 kilos weight limit, so I ended up sadly stroking its snuggly collar one last time before putting it back on the rack.

So Anthropologie didn’t work for me this time. It’s sad, I know, but I’m not giving up on them. I’ll continue to live vicariously through Anjali at Golden Means who has the most covetable collection of Anthro stuff, then next time I’m back in the States (or if their shipping prices ever descend from “Outrageous” to “Reasonable”) I’ll try them out again. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time.

22 thoughts on “Tales From The Dressing Room: Anthropologie

  1. It’s so true – I warned you! I always walk in with such high hopes but leave without much at all. It’s such a disappointment because so much of their stuff is DIVINE…

    I’m sure you’ll find other better nicer things to buy!

    PS: How did you end up with only 23kg in baggage?

  2. Hmmm if you only just squeeze into a 14 at anthro, there’s no hope for me. Good to know before I waste money on it. 🙂

    I thought the dress was lovely. 🙂

  3. Im devastated – i l looked when i was in the US but found everything too expensive..and i keep looking on line but the ridiculous shipping costs have been a no no but i so wanted success there for you…. How sad!!!!!
    PS i loved that dress-shame wasnt a tad looser for you cos its lovely!

  4. Long time stalker (you’re on my blog roll) never comment, but you are lovely. I love your style. I keep hearing about Anthropologie but never paid it any mind because I wear a size US20. I doubt their stuff goes up to that size, but I wish it did. That first dress looks divine on you. Too bad you couldn’t have had it taken out. and the coat is to die for FABULOUS. I love the notch closure. Thanks for the pics.
    Come visit me sometime: Literalgemini.blogspot.com

  5. That first dress is gorgeous on you! I loved Anthro when I was in NY last year. I splashed out on accessories, scarves, hats, jewellery and even a tea towel and oven mits, little books and knick knacks etc. 12 months later I still love to look at them. I have done a few Anthro orders through Hop Shop Go, I have been doing an order a month from US sites and always add something from Anthro to my parcel. It weighs next to nothing and is so unlike anything in Australia. Thanks for sharing your adventures Lilli!

  6. Every once in awhile, I manage to find something from them that works, but you have to really search. Sorry you didn’t find something to take home with you.

  7. hello! i have had good experiences mailing home anything that doesn’t fit into my suitcase. via ship takes longest and is least expensive. i did it from australia and japan to europe.

  8. I for one wouldn’t mind a digression into a holiday slideshow. FYI. 🙂

    I can’t fit into anything at anthro. HUGE hips. Even when I was several sizes smaller my hips were too big while my top half swam. 🙁 Can’t afford any of it anyway.

  9. Why hello there stranger! Thought we’d lost you to the USA there for a while…I love anthro! I wish it went even close to my size… boo hoo! I liked the top but if you didn’t feel comfy then wise not to buy it!!

    Hope you’re having a lovely time…!

  10. you’re in BOLIVAR?! this is the weirdest thing ever. i live in Springfield (about 20 miles away) and my sister goes to school in Bolivar. (if you eat out at a Chinese buffet, you might even run into her. what a crazy world!)
    i’ve been reading your blog for a while now, seeing all your amazing outfits across the sea, but you’re in a neighboring town at the moment and that’s why this internet life is pretty crazy.
    (hello, i’m katy. a girl who reads and is inspired by your outfits, but never makes a sound. i just couldn’t keep quiet when i found you’re so close right now…)

    and the anthro coat looks amazing on you 🙂

  11. Oh yay for visiting Anthropologie! Boo on not having the greatest fitting room experiences though. I know what you mean about the Snowy Egret Shift — I’m a little smaller than you but I couldn’t even fit my *arms* into that dress in a size 12 (which is about 1-2 sizes up for me). I gave it up and pouted, but was not terribly surprised because Anthro’s shift style dresses are always awful on me. I wish you would have had a chance to try on some of their sweater dresses — I find they flatter curves so nicely!

    The Cassonade Coat is deliriously gorgeous on you. I just added it to my wishlist because of that picture 🙂 I wish you could have taken it home!

  12. Oh wow that last coat is almost EXACTLY like the Princess Highway coat I bought this year from Dangerfield.
    I got it from the Myer concession for $200 – You might be lucky and they might still have some.

  13. I was so looking forward to Anthropologie when I went to the States a month ago but like you, I left empty-handed!

    Their size 14 was JUST too snug on me, it’s a shame they don’t go higher because I adore their clothes.

    The shoes on their site look amazing as well but all the Anthro stores I went to didn’t stock their shoe collection!

  14. Just discovered your blog… I love the Snowy Egret Shift on you! Looks so much better than what their online catalog presents. This dress is meant for curvier girls! Next time I’m there I’ll be sure to give it a try, too. I totally understand it being uncomfortably tight. Tight clothing ruins my day. I refuse to suffer for the sake of fashion.

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