Ten out of Ten

Top: Events

Cardigan: Portmans

Skirt: DIY

Shoes: Chie Mihara

Sweater Guard: Jackie D’s Retro Boutique

I’ve had my Mum visiting with me over the last week – taking time out of her busy schedule Touring The World as a Grey Nomad to sneak a visit in.

Melbourne put on some amazingly pretty weather while she was here, and we had a wonderfully busy weekend full of markets, and meals, and manicures, and on Sunday (10:10:10!) we went to St Kilda to watch my brother jam with a few muso friends.

It was such a pretty, sunny day that I wore my confetti (smarties, gumballs, etc etc) skirt, with a blouse, cardigan, and sweater guard. It’s not exactly a Melbourne-approved outfit, and I felt quite awash with colour.

In the breezy summer winds I had to watch myself, but there’s nothing to give you the giggles like unintentionally flashing your knickers on a sunny Melbourne weekend in St Kilda.

15 thoughts on “Ten out of Ten

  1. You look absolutely adorable! So if these aren’t Melbourne colors, what are Melbourne colors? I’m curious. Love that last shot where your skirt is making a statement–fun!

  2. I love your website. You always look so gorgeous, I think you’d look good in a sack lol! I’m inspired to try my hand at making a skirt – wish me luck!!!

  3. That skirt is great – love the colours – especially that you found a cardi to match your fabulous shoes so perfectly (jealous of those Chie Miharas – must acquire my own pair soon).
    As for the unintentional flashing – Melbourne is a rather windy city isn’t it. A slip underneath could help a lot as they usually fit slimmer and don’t flare up as much when it’s gusty. 😀

  4. You might have seen some of the Melbourne marathon runners on 10/10 – I am sure they would have appreciated the sight of your knickers as a distractor from their PAIN.
    I saw a guy running the half marathon wearing a tutu. Dubious fashion statement, but nevertheless I yelled out “go, tutu guy”. Think he lost a bet or something.

  5. I love that skirt! I adore wearing lots of colour once in a while. Its why I love all of the jewel coloured tights that are around at the moment. Good way to brighten up an outfit.

    I finally managed to get a brown pair of boots – althought the husband says I look like a pirate in them!! So I shall be attempting to work those this week at some point….

  6. Love love love the skirt!
    I think a real melbourne person is comfortable enough with being a melbournite to wear big bright bold beautiful color!

  7. Hello! Gorgeous as always! Despite not being a Melbourne native, I seem to have picked up the monochrome habit fairly swiftly, but I really do have a soft spot for black and greys.

    I saw you at the Finders Keepers Markets, and had a bout of stalker anguish. After looking at your pictures for the last couple of months, and being truly inspired, I think it was fair enough that I recognised you, but I ran through a whole debate with myself about saying hello. I think it may have crossed the creepy line, hehe. Anyway, I would’ve just said something along the lines of ‘You’re an amazing fashion goddess and I’d like to have all your clothes and shoes please. Thanks for blogging.’ But in a much more awkward mubly sort of way. If I ever see you around again, maybe I’ll work up the nerve to wave. (The whole thing was made much more awkward by the fact that I was wearing a similar outfit that was far, far inferior to yours. Drats!)

    1. Oh! I wish you’d come up and said Hi! I love putting faces to names and meeting readers first-hand! Wasn’t the market amazing! I hope they do more of them! So where are you from originally? I’m an ex-Canberra girl myself 🙂

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