I was counting the other day, and discovered that I have somewhere in the vicinity of twenty-seven cardigans.

That’s a lot, right?

It’s definitely enough to allow me entry into the realm of mad, bad, cardigan fans which probably explains why when reader Catherine heard about a new Australian online store opening up that specialized in cardigans she shot me an email straight away.

Well, Cardigan Store is up and running, and the range is growing quickly, and thanks to Kelly I’m very happy to be able to give you a sneak peek of seven pieces from their collection:

Cardigan: Anything Goes Cardigan

This little red cardigan is actually from one of my favourite cardigan brands (Friends of Couture) and it’s made of a satisfyingly stretchy fabric that can even encompass the Rack-Of-Doom. The gathered neckline’s very flattering, but the real kicker is the polkadot bow brooch!


Cardigan: 3/4 Sleeve Stripe

Of the twenty-seven cardigans that I own at least four are striped. They’re such a fun way to jazz up an otherwise plain outfit, and it’s an easy first step into mix-and-matching patterns. This one has cute little puff pockets and is 100% Egyptian cotton, so it’s dreamy soft.


Cardigan: Summer short sleeve cardigan

This little beauty is 30% silk and 70% cotton, and its a most ladylike pink. It’d be wonderful as a bit of coverage over blossomy summer dresses.


Cardigan: Queen of Hearts

Another Friends of Couture confection, this cardigan is – literally – all heart. Little embroidered hearts are mirrored with heart-shaped buttons.


Cardigan: Mary Crew Neck Cardigan

Like the short sleeved pink cardigan, this one is 30% silk – soooo luxurious and soft – it would be well and truly at home adorning Nigella Lawson’s curves.


Cardigan: Coco Jacket

So it’s not really, truly a cardigan – but the folks at Cardigan Store classify it as falling into the “I Wish I Was A Cardi” category. It falls marvelously into the popular “Nautical” trend 🙂


Cardigan: Limelight Cardigan

This one was my favourite – It just seemed to be the perfect length, and had good long arms so I didn’t end up with chilly wrists. Totally elegant, totally classic, totally Melbourne. Ooops! I guess that makes twenty-eight cardigans… I couldn’t say no to this one!


Cardigan: Cardigan Store

T-Shirt: Giordano

Jeans: Embody Denim

Shoes: Dunlop Volleys


One of the awesome things about Cardigan Store? Their orders come with fantastic canvas bags like this one: “Cardi, Not Ed Hardy”. Sound like a life motto for me!

41 thoughts on “Cardiganapalooza

  1. My heart skipped a beat for that striped cardigan.

    And then I clicked on it and saw the price and said heart stopped entirely.

    ;-; so gorgeous but yeah that is really… really steep

    1. LOL, I didn’t even register the price until I saw your comment – sorry about that! I got a red and white stripey cardigan from Cotton On recently – it’s not great quality but it was only $25

  2. And I thought I had a lot of cardigans! Although I tend towards the button-less more jackety “I Wish I Was A Cardi” type. I’ve got my own rack of doom to worry about buttoning over! (That is my new phrase/description!) All of these are gorgeous, but my favorite has to be the striped as well. And Nicole, I also cringed at the price!

    1. LOL, yeah – nothing like a rack of doom to defeat a button-up cardigan (or shirt for that matter!) I’ve been known to sew up the opening at the front to avoid gaping.

  3. And there I was thinking I had a lot of cardis! I love cardigans – so versatile! I adore the red one & the heart dotty one. I do adore friends of couture but alas they don’t go big enough 🙁 so I tend to make do with lesser copies.

    1. Yeah, Friends of Couture is a bit of a squeeze for me, too. a lot of them won’t actually fit >:(
      I like that a lot of the stores in the UK are doing printed and embelished cardigans too now though 🙂

  4. Maybe you should do a cardiganapalooza month as you did with your frocks so we get to see them all!

    I love the the limelight cardigan – it looks great on you.

    Love you blog…but it is so bad for my wallet!

    1. LOL, I’m a total enabler Jo! Besides, you could never have too many cardigans! I’m seriously tempted to do a proper frock-style cardiganpalooza, but I might have to wait til after I get back from the States… can’t pack too much, if I want to come back with a suitcase of new purchases!

  5. I totally agree with your choice of fave, as soon as I saw it I was taken! I do like the heart one too tho 🙂

  6. My favorite one is the first one, beautiful color, awesome brooch! The pink one is great also, although I would have serious difficulties pulling off something that feminine and delicate.

  7. Your hair is so long now! I haven’t visited for a bit, and it looks darling!

    The first thing I realised after moving into M-Town was the need for cardi’s! Thanks for the tip off!

  8. Thanks so much for having a cardipalooza! I thought I was in a small group of cardi obsessives – nice to know I’m not alone!

    I thought the prices were reasonable – or maybe I got so excited about the cardis I didn’t notice!

  9. OMFG. This is my store.

    I have 38 Cardigans – I had 52 before I culled them last month. I need a support group or something. O.o

  10. Glad my tip didn’t go to waste. I’ve also been lusting after the stripy cardi – but now I’ve seen the red one, I’m torn. I’ll definitely be paying a visit very soon.

  11. Yes, I have always been of the opinion that a lady can never have too many cardies. Glad other folk agree with me.
    Re: Ed Hardy – we used to sometimes have trouble spotting bogans, now they have a stamp and that, my friend, is it.

  12. I am SO jealous!!! I have such trouble finding cardigans here that are flattering and not “ladies who lunch”-like~~ Good for you!! (but maybe not for your wallet XD)

  13. You think 27 is a lot, you better come over to my wardrobes, I counted as I was packing away my winter wardrobe last week 41! I promptly gave some away. That is what happens when you working in retail for 5+ years! But I love them all equally. 🙂

  14. Oh Lilli this is so marvellous and I was all geared up for some spend spend spend… but when did XL = S14? God how depressing. I’ve been clearing buying in plus-size land for way too long!

  15. I am soooo glad I found your blog via Fat Mum Slim today! And I had neve heard of the cardigan store before! Wow….I’m having a bit of an excitement fit I think! You can never have too many cardigans! Thanks for sharing says my credit card! Sophie x

  16. Ok well idd take number 3…number 5…oh heck Ill take em all Im a cardigan loving queen and I love this post they look so pretty…. 🙂 make sure to chk my blog out as well thanks

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