Variety is the Spice of Life

Top: Glassons

Cardigan: Jay Jays

Skirt: Manque

Shoes: Chie Mihara

Brooch (Worn as Sweater Guard): Smil


My housemate Jocelyn’s Mum and Nana are visiting Melbourne from sunny Manchester for a fortnight, so instead of popping them both in the same spare bed I’ve packed a suitcase and am moonlighting over at The Sophisticate’s place over the river.

It was a funny business packing for the visit, because really I’m still just a seven-minute walk away from my entire wardrobe, but it still took me a few hours to put together a collection of clothes that I didn’t think I could bear to be parted with.

At the other end of the (epic seven-minute) journey when I unpacked everything into the cupboards (otherwise known as “Narnia” to Suki, who flings herself into any open compartment with an enthusiasm that worries me) I realised that I had packed two a-line denim skirts, two long sleeved striped tops, and three striped cardigans. Apparently I’ve decided to wear variations of the EXACT SAME OUTFIT for the next week.

A trip home to rectify the situation may be in order.

23 thoughts on “Variety is the Spice of Life

  1. I have that exact same cardigan – isn’t it completely gorgeous? It was exactly what I was looking for, but I had almos dismissed Jay Jays as a place where I might find it.

    It’s funny how often an accidental uniform emerges from packing. That’s happened to me a couple of times, even though I could have sworn I’d put a variety of outfits into my suitcase.

  2. I love how you’ve matched the brooch/sweater guard with your cardigan! And the brooch is really sweet in and of itself.
    Hehe, you *could* embrace the insanity and start a challenge or something;)

  3. cuuute. I do love the brooch also.
    I saw a pair of chie miharas at zomp, in my size. On sale at a big markdown, similar to the ones you are wearing. I did not buy them – another lady wanted them, so I gave them to her. I need to save my money for Japan (where there are more Chie Miharas). 🙂
    I bought a pair of Levis Curve ID jeans. They are the shit (in a good way). They have 3 different fits – slight, demi and bold curve. The demi and bold are nipped in at the waist and generous in the thighs. I nearly cried in delight – they fit beautifully, I often fly into a rage when I go jeans shopping. No more stupid attempted dieting to fit into jeans that won’t fit well anyway.
    best of all, they cost $120 and are widely available.
    Ok, I’m gonna shut up now.

  4. Love this outfit. You look so fab in the denim skirt – it’s a great shape and goes so well with the cardi! I love your outfit posts!

    Just a question – did Suki make it into your suitcase with you? Or is she in Narnia at home?

    1. Ah, Suki goes where I go! Right now she’s curled up on The Sophisticate’s “Thinking Chair” where scores of cats before her have curled up. She’s quite at home here now, though the fact she can’t get a purchase on the wooden floors is doing her head in somewhat!

  5. Gosh I’m lovin’ that brooch! Too cute! I’m not a fan of stripes and oddly, ever since I started to follow your blog, they’re starting to grown on me! Lovely outfit.

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