Stripy Cardiganapalooza?

Top: Glassons

Cardigan: 8 Inkerman

Jeans: Sussan

Sweater Guard: Jackie D Retro Boutique

Shoes: Claude d’Alban


See? Practically the exact same outfit as yesterday – but fear not, I made a little commando raid on my wardrobe today, so I’ve got some fresh stuff to wear for the rest of the week!

Actually, as usually happens when I’m running off a limited wardrobe, I caved and have had a little splurge in the last few days – I bought a couple of pretties off Etsy, and ordered a  pair of jeans from Svoboda because all my Svoboda jeans have Gone To God, and I miss their crazy comfort.

7 thoughts on “Stripy Cardiganapalooza?

  1. If you check out my blog for my week away you will notice I did a pretty similar thing! I wore the same top a few times!! Mainly because I’m on a self induced wardrobe diet though!! I love the new necklace you have bought. Its interesting that ivory can be bought on etsy but not on eBay. I have a friend who sells bits and bobs on eBay and has a lot of ivory he isn’t allowed to sell. I’m going to recommend that he gets himself an etsy store.

    Loving the preppy look of today’s outfit! I wish I could pull of yellow…

    1. Oh! I’m so bad at wardrobe diets! I tried it with Frugal February this year, and just ended up buying everything I’d had my eye on later in March instead!
      I think etsy’s got the same policy regarding ivory as ebay – these beads are actually Lucite from memory.

  2. I am loving the daisy guard with the yellow cardie, very cute.
    Just an observation – you are looking more svelte than this time last year from your fur stole pic(not, I emphasise, that you looked anything but awesome last year!!!)
    If you are in the market for more jeans, try the Levi curve ID…they are awesome!

  3. sorry – that came out wrong, too many double negatives I think, what I was trying to say was that you looked awesome last year too.
    I will shut up now.

  4. This outfit was love on a first sight! I love how casual it is but still looks so chic and cute! Your sweater guards are fab! Both this one and the one from the previous post!

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