Fox Stole Sweater: Friends of Couture


This nifty little fox stole sweater’s been a bit of a favourite on the blog since I first featured it in August last year, but it sold out really quickly, and I know a few readers were disappointed not to be able to get their hands on one.

Well, wait no longer! It looks like the mock fox stole look is very in for the upcoming autumn season on the other side of the world! Pippa from Runway Revolution gave me a heads-up about this upcoming item from Dorothy Perkins:

(Dorothy Perkins)

And it reminded me that I’d seen a very similar piece at Debenhams a few weeks earlier. BUT WITH STRIPES!:

(Henry Holland for Debenhams)

And THAT got me searching, and look what I found!


(Designer Playground)




12 thoughts on “Stole-n!

  1. Your smug giraffe jumper has been copied by Evans! Arcadia group is copying friends of couture! But they are cool! Im gonna buy both the fox & giraffe ones once my wardrobe diet has finished!

  2. Hey Lilli

    When I found out DP were doing jumpers with foxes and owls I felt my heart skip a beat. I already have my eyes in a couple of items with owls on it (I love owls!!!!) and they are soooo cute!

    I work in Debenhams and the new autumn/winter collection was presented to us not long ago.
    I saw that fox jumpers on the preview and got excited, but then I remembered we don’t actually carry Henry Holland in our branch 🙁 I guess it’s YAY for online shopping eh? hehe

  3. I totally love those fox stoles they are so witty and fun. I was thinking about making myself one featuring a dachshund instead but I have to figure out how to paint it or applique it on – maybe the scarf idea as featured in one of your photos is a better idea … hmmm… tick tick tick.. the mind is at work …

  4. I have been checking DP ever since I got that e-mail. I so love your style and i totally agreed about DP being hit and miss so I really hope this one is good.

  5. Why can I not afford any of theeeeese

    I have been pining for your fox sweater since I first found this blog.

    I’ve done some screenprinting. I may try and duplicate that T-shirt or something similar. 🙂 I’ve got everything I’d need–screens, emulsion, ink, shirt. Can’t get much cheaper than free!

    Seconding the “did you get a haircut?” question. I may print that out and take it to my stylist since it’s what I’ve been asking for every time I go in and she never quite gets it right from my bad descriptions of it 🙂

  6. How funny, I found that dandyirons shirt earlier this week and fell in looooove (I have been obsessed with the idea since seeing you in your fab FoC sweater) and was planning a similar fox-themed list in my head to post sometime soon! You clearly beat me too it though 😉

    Have you seen these tights from Anthropologie? They are the one of the other fox items I am obsessing over the most ATM!

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