At Liberty

Top: Nina Kay

Dress: Nina Kay

Shoes: Naturaliser


So, I’ve been reading my new Shop Til You Drop Magazine (one of the few magazines I’ll buy with any kind of regularity, and mostly because they list the sizes of everything – such an easy thing to do, and so helpful… why don’t more magazines do it??) and the magazine tells me that ditzy florals, and liberty prints will be “in” this season.

I’m not a big fan or follower of trends, to be honest, but when a magazine tells me that pretty, flowery prints are coming into season I’ll get all excited, and might dash out and buy pretty, flowery shirts like this one.


17 thoughts on “At Liberty

  1. Gorgeous look Lilli! It’s just the right amount of floral, and that dress looks amazing on your curves. Also loving STYD this month, am reading it for the second time now!

  2. very demure – you must feel very demure in it (I would speak more softly and flutter my eyelashes in it, if I were you.)
    I gots me a pair of svoboda high-waisted dark denim trousers (the cate) on ebay – USD 32. GO. ME! They will go beautifully with the chie mihara shoes. And one or two other things that I have picked up on ebay.
    You have had a good influence on me (but a very bad influence on my credit card) 🙂

  3. that outfit makes me think about some outfit that my mum chosed for me when I was a kid because of the shirt with a dress.
    & i love that on you 🙂

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