Cardigan: Table 8

Blouse: Victoria’s Secret

Skirt: Laura Ashley

Shoes: Chie Mihara

Sweater Guard: Jackie D Retro Boutique


If Mad Men has been credited with “bringing back” curves and vintage styling, then Glee – or rather, Emma Pillsbury – is surely deserving of some kind of accolade for making sweater guards part of a girls regular wardrobe again.

These marvelous little devices are great for the, er, bustier among us, because they enable us to wear those pretty little cardigans that simply refuse to button up over ones bosoms.

Originally designed to keep a cardigan that’s been slung around the shoulders in place, I’ve noticed that these days most people use them to keep two sides of an open cardigan from falling away into their armpits.

I haven’t had any luck finding them in antique shops around Melbourne – they’re probably a bit too in vogue and are being snapped up by hipsters – but Etsy and eBay have got plenty. Etsy has a lot of handmade ones as well, but often they’ve been made with pins, rather than clips. Works the same way, but might pull holes in more delicate knits.

Here are some of my favourites from Etsy; snap them up quickly before I beat you to them! I’m working on developing a collection that rivals Gertie’s from the New Blog For Better Sewing!

Carriers Cozy Cottage

Designs By Annette


BBB Designs




40 thoughts on “Guarded

  1. I’ve been lurking from Canada for a couple of weeks, and I have to say, this is your best look!
    I love it!
    Who am I to tell you what to wear, but this is just fabulous! I must also thank you for writing about Duo Boots. I just ordered a pair and expect them this week! I had never heard about them before, and am so happy to have found them!

  2. Just found your blog last week and it is FANTASTIC. Thanks for inspiring those of us who aren’t Size 4 to enjoy clothes and for bringing pretty back!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this outfit!

    I have been looking everywhere for a decent denin skirt, but still no luck for me 🙁
    I quite like the long cardi look but I fear it would look rubbish on me cos I’m so short (1.64cm)! LOL

    Now, that necklace you’re wearing is SO cute!! Where from???


    J xx

    1. Hi Joy I’m only 1 cm taller than you! Give it a try 🙂
      The necklace was my Grandmother’s – it’s lovely, isn’t it?
      What kind of denim skirt are you looking for? I’ll keep my eyes open!

  4. I love these! I have been searching for ages but can’t seem to find them anywhere! I’ll have to have a look at etsy now!!

    Love your outfit!

  5. Hey Lilli

    This outfit is gorgeous! Very sophisticated and cute at the same time. Is your skirt traditional blue denim or black?

  6. I have a growing sweater guard obsession of my own, also partially spurred by Ms. Pillsbury. The daisy one you picked up is just *perfect*, I’m envious! And I love your polka dot blouse as well 🙂

  7. If you’re feeling super creative you can also make your own sweater guards from some old clip on earrings. There are STACKS available on etsy and in op shops. Just make sure you get the squeeze ones, not the ones that have a stopped pin.

  8. cute outfit – the daisies really pep up the navy. Navy is totally in right now, and I am just becoming ok with it – was the colour of my school uniform!
    I have just discovered Mad Men. Such a brilliant show. I found it uncomfortable viewing at first, with the blatant sexism, racism and homophobia, but now I am hooked. I particularly love Joan the secretary; she is HAWT. My new girl crush.

    1. LOL, I’m still coming to terms with green, which was the colour of MY school uniform. Imagine if you had to wear red! Disaster! I can’t imagine a wardrobe without a healthy dose of red!
      Joan is definitely the most gorgeous thing on TV right now. Killer curves!

  9. p.s. I sent you a message via your “contact me” part of your blog – I don’t know whether it was lost in cyberspace or you were simply too busy. Anywho – have a nice day.

  10. Normally an outfit of all blue and black would’t be for me, but you look really great in this! Maybe it’s the sweater guard that pulls it together, or maybe it’s just the truly awesome pieces.

  11. You look so pretty.

    They are also quite easy to make. Just collect a few cute buttons with a pin on the back and join them together with ribbon. Then pin onto your cardi.

  12. What a gorgeous outfit. I have fallen in love with the skirt, the shoes, the daisy – how about everything! Love your hair too – so cute.

  13. May I just say your blog is absolutely delightful? I’ve forwarded the link to all the cool, curvy women I know so they can see just how smashing an hourglass figure can be! I’m so happy to see sweater guards making a comeback! You look beautiful and natural in all of your photos.

  14. I haven’t been to visit you for a while and when I do I find you’ve moved house! Like the new digs.

    I can’t believe I’ve gotten through life without a sweater guard. How is this possible?


  15. Hi Lilli,

    I must say, you are an absolute inspiration! I have always struggled to find beautiful vintage and retro clothing to fit and I am thrilled with the amount of websites you have linked me to.
    I only hope my bank account forgives me for all the online shopping ahead.

    You’re amazingly beautiful in all your shots and kudos to you on your unique ability to accessorise!


  16. Hi Lilli,
    The super-duper Carly Findlay just linked me into your blog and what a fantastic post- your daisy sweater guards are adorable!

    I’d posted up photos of a girl I’d photographed who was wearing these and wondered aloud (well on my blog) what these cute thingies were called – now I know – thanks for the education;)

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