All White Tonight

Dress: Pure Collection

Belt: Cynch

Stockings: Ambra

Shoes: Chie Mihara

It’s the end of winter, and good God, is that how white my legs are???

No, actually they’re my pantyhose, though I’m sure my real leg colour isn’t that far off!

It was really, really, really freaking cold in Melbourne today, and I was shivering in my dress thinking about how much I wanted to go home to my snuggly warm apartment and my snuggly warm cat, or at least have a coat, or a hat, or gloves or something.

This winter I’ve gone practically coatless, which is unheard of really, but in my last wardrobe clear-out I turfed my entire collection and I just haven’t seen any since that have really floated my boat. So instead I shiver it out in the dash between bookshop and car, and look forward to warmer weather.

Brooch: Julia Swaney



23 thoughts on “All White Tonight

    1. Yeah – I’d been searching for the perfect one too! I was so glad I ended up buying this one. It’s actually cashmere & it cost me a bomb, but I’ve never regretted the purchase 🙂

  1. I love this dress! I wish I could find a sweater dress like that! I also love the Chie shoes. I can’t wait for winter in the UK!! Especially seeing all the previews for AW10 collections! No doubt I will be lusting after warmer weather once winter does hit!

    BTW – managing without a coat all winter? Wow you are brave!! I have 3 coats!

    1. Brave, or stupid! Definitely cold! I’m going to have to find one in the post winter sales, I think.
      I’m like you – I always pine for the cooler months in summer and vice versa! I’m looking forward to warm weather right now, I can tell you!

  2. Hi Lilli!

    I’ve been a silent admirer for a few months and now I have finished reading the whole blog back to front I am ready to say hello and how much I adore your blog and your fashion sense.

    You are such an inspiration for all the girls out there who are not a size 0 but keep forcing themselves to think they need to be in order to look pretty and stylish. I am sure I am not the only one who feels that way 99% of the time!

  3. Oh girl! You look stunning 🙂 I would kill for this dress 😉
    Good to see you again! and CONGRATS!! 🙂
    big big hug 🙂

      1. so it arrived? GREAT!! 😀 now I’m in Berlin, a lot of things happening… ufffff. Changes changes, but good ones it seems!
        and beware, I’ll send something for x-mas 😀

  4. Ooooh, you really must look at a shop called Olive Grove on Sydney Rd in Brunswick – all hand made clothes and accessories, all super cute, like a big etsy shop only with no delivery fees and instant gratification! And all sizes catered for. It is near my place and I have only recently discovered it. I heart brunny.

    1. Fabulous! Thanks for letting me know, Cilla. I think I might have to take a trip out to Sydney Road some time soon – between that, Chitra’s Closet, the big Savers, and the shops in Sparta Place there’s certainly enough to warrant a day trip 🙂

  5. PS – You inspired me to go to City Chic in Bourke St the other day – I had a quick look – fortunately not much was in my size which saved me money, but your cute heart belt was the clincher for me to check it out.

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